Pork belly costs?

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by billm75, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Thanks for the update... Now I know exactly were you live, I spent a terrible cold winter in Kenosha back in the 70's and I was on a bike. We talking a southern Coonass in the snow and ice on a bike! I never heard of black ice.....LOL They all laughed at me.
  2. just picked up a 10 lb on the north coast of Ohio for $2.69 per, skin off. Probably not premium, but neither am I. LOL! I have a small family food center here that the meat department manager orders them for me. Usually takes about 3 or 4 days. Fresh, not frozen.
  3. Finally found some for $3.49 (skin on) cut fresh.  Cuts fresh every Thursday.  Hoping to find a local amish place that sells it cheaper.
  4. smoker21

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    It's still $3.99 skin on here in mid western Missouri for fresh.
  5. dert

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    Anyone find any in the MPLS area? Checked 2 Mexican and one Asian market and the do sell it, but were out, not sure on the price...

    My local butcher shop can order cases, 60#, $6/ lb.... not sure if skin on or off.
  6. I got frozen bellies, I know frozen not the best, but my bacon says differant....I pay between 2.19 and 2.49 a pound when I buy by the case.....Last case was 2.39 a pound, total weight was 42....They range from 38 to 60 pounds. This is skin off, makes my life so much easier. I have the 42 pounds in POPs brine now. Cold smoking bFriday morning. I am using apple wood. Will post some pics..
  7. Just bought 10 pound of pork belly for $2.89 and it will be my first bacon.
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    That's an excellent price for 10# of sow bellies!

    Hey Swed, would ya please enter your profile and locate where ya hang your hat? Pretty please?
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  9. kk!!
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    Thank ye kind sir, now I won't have to try and remember. And I was betting Minn.
  11. I just bought 10 lb for 3.33 ........ maybe a little high but I am dying to try it 
  12. ralphed

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    Near canton/alliance I got quotes ranging from 2.79 to 3.99 for trimmed out belly (qty of 1). Around 8-10 pounds.

    I buy a cured belly from a place in Hartville, OH that makes bacon for 3.99. That way I can learn to smoke it before I go on to long dry curing. I rent and the fridge barely holds 38 F on the bottom. Can't buy a new one just yet, as I have a house to renovate. Then I 'm gonna have a dedicated fridge!

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    My friend took me to Restaurant Depot yesterday, and we split a case of 3 sides. $2.05 for skin-on, and $2.62 for skin-off. We bought the skin-off, as I have struggled before with removing it.
  14. hoghollow

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    I just paid $2.19 the other day. Look around at the smaller market and offer the butcher a sample when it's done. That most generally works for me. Good luck and keep on smokin!
  15. Here in oregon I pay 3.98 to 5.50 for pork belly from a local butcher. The local Mexican market dose 3.98 lb and then it just goes all over from there.
  16. Any one in North Central Arkansas know where to get bellies and the price?
  17. mneeley490

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    Restaurant Depot has skinless bellies for $2.35 lb. right now.
  18. a basham

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    found them in Tucson for 60lb box for $140. They are skin on. That seems pretty cheap compared the rest of the states.....The place is called Americam Meat Company. They dont ship tho.........
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  19. Found them at Harter House in Hollister MO for $3.99 LB... pretty steep
  20. bigwheel

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    I just recently got shopping rights at Restaurant Depot. Did not think to try and find bellies on the first adventure...but will look next time. I can tell I am going to love the place.

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