Popular Mechanics UDS Design?

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by carlo olivares, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys
    Im looking to build my own smoker and I am pretty bent on following the popular mechanics design where they have pipes that are parallel to the barrel (they look cool).

    But the Popular Mechanics website doesnt seem to have the PDF file hosted anymore. The link seems to be dead.

    I was wondering, does anyone have a copy they can share? Thanks!

    here is the link to the Article

  2. Go to YouTube and look up Sneaky UDS build. You can just type in Sneaky UDS build and it will come up.
  3. huskerrow

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    The youtube channel this is on is Daddy Cooks
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  4. ak1

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    It's easy. Drill your holes in the drum. Use 3"long  double threaded pipe through the holes. add elbows to the outside end and thread more pipe to the height you want. 

    Ugly Drums are not difficult. Drill your low holes for airflow, and then do what you want. Some use sheet magnets to cover the holes, some use pipes with ball valves. An ugly drum works because it's so simple.
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  5. thanks! Daddy Cooks' UDS build came up. it has the long in air intakes too. thanks!

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