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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by indybob, Sep 18, 2015.

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    I have just gotten a new pellet smoker and love it.  However, I am puzzled by the intermittent cycle of smoke release.  It will go for 10-15 minutes without smoke and then release 60 seconds or so of heavy visible smoke and then repeat this for the duration of the cooking.  How do I get it to release smoke continuously?  Many Thanks!
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    You're probably going to need to mention the brand and maybe the model in order to get the best help.  My GMG doesn't have a specific "smoke" setting nor does it behave the way you describe.
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    That is a good suggestion... it is a electric pellet Cabela brand that I was told is made by Outdoor Leisure.  The smoker is working in every other respect to auger feed, very accurate temperature and has the look and feel of a well built & designed structure.  Everything looks like it works and maybe the smoke cycle is OK too-  I would just like it to release smoke continually when the dial is set to "smoke" (there are two smoke setting: low temp smoke (175F) and higher temp smoke (225F).

    Thanks, Indy Bob
  4. Your not going to get a pellet grill to continually put out smoke. The smoke comes after the fire has died down, when new pellets are added and they begin to smolder they smoke. Then they ignight into flame which is going to have very little smoke. Pellet feeds slow down, the fire dies down, new pellets are added and being to smolder.

    So goes they cycle. Once you figure out the adjustments for your grill you should be able to get plenty of smoke. Seems most of the people who complain about lack of smoke usually change their mind after they have time to figure things out.
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