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  1. ok so i just purchased the trailmaster vertical smoker. I just moded my brothers oky joe. Now i am gonna rach out to see if anyone has any ideas for the vertical trailmaster. I kmow its not top line but with size and the fact its a water smoker made my decisionclear..

    So question for all, what mods do you recomend??????
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    There may not be a lot of these around with members here, so if you don't get any responses soon, you may need to just fire it up, season it, toss in a couple oven rack therms to check for temp variances and throw in some meat. Take it for a spin and see how it works out for you with a few different types of meat (butts, whole chickens or whatever else you like). Do be sure to use a decent thermometer for chamber temps (either a digital probe or an analog gauge in the door) as well as a probe for meat temps.

    If you need help working out how to get better performance once you see how it works, I'm sure we can help with that. It may surprise you and perform to your liking with needing very little done to it other than closing up a few small leaks (???)...you just never know.

  3. Well its not my first smoker. Just first vertical water smoker. Gonna do a fatty or a chicken after seasoning. But after I roll some smoke I'll let you know how she is
  4. I totally agree with forluvofsmoke.  Fire that puppy up and see what she'll do.  Do something simple so you can concentrate on how the smoker is performing.  I didn't get on with vertical water smoker but that was just me.  Many people use them with great sucess.  I once bought a horizontal oil drum smoker from outside a well known Tx. supermarket chain.  Think I paid $65.00 for it.  Laid some firebrick in the bottom and it turned out to be a really good investment.  You never know.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.  Keep Smokin!

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