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    http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums...152391585645439_1467832043_n_zps301f6788.jpgI got an old Hobart slicer from my grandfather .  it runs fine and needs a really good cleaning before I would ever use it , but the sharpener has me stumped .  it seems like it only has 1 stone , and maybe a round steel disk for the other ?   I cant even figure out how the second stone would even attach to the spot where it would go.  the sharpener is different than a lot of Hobart slicers I have researched online , this one has a selector switch that moves the stones , has a 1 for 1 stone , 2 for the second spot , and off.

    problem is I can get it to sharpen the 1 side of the blade , and not the other , but then again im not sure how this sharpener is designed to work .

    here are the pictures and the sharpener im talking about , any help with this project would be appreciated.




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    It seems like a lot of this unit is made from brass , the sharpener assembly seems like its solib brass and heavy
  3. Have you tried it.  On a slicer blade, only one side needed to be sharpened and the other side just the filings smoothed down/taken off
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    i think I got it , there is an adjustment screw on the top of this sharpener that lowers the stones into the proper position and then 2 set screws to tighten it .  I got it adjusted right now .  just needs some more sharpening and a good cleaning and its ready for use
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