Odor Free, Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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    Ever notice how boiled eggs smell like sulfur when you cut them open, and a few hours after eating they smell like sulfur again? 

    You all know what I mean.  Don't you?

    I've tried many method of boiling eggs to get that dreaded gray/green/stinky ring to disappear.  Starting cold, starting room temp, shocking with ice water, etc.  Most all of the ways, I've tried failed, or only worked occasionally. 

    Here is a fool proof method, which has never failed to perform as promised for me.

    Use plenty of water.  Enough so that eggs will be covered by about 1 1/2 or 2 inches over their top.  I add an ounce or two of vinegar to water to quickly coagulate any leakage, in case I punctured the membrane inside.

    1.  Poke small hole in the large end of the eggs, not the pointy end. Be careful not to puncture the membrane inside of the air pocket.

    2.  Bring water to roiling boil.   Use a spoon or spider to lower eggs into water, trying to keep water still boiling hard.  Do the eggs in single layer.

    3.  Set timer for 6 minutes, and leave water on high heat boiling away.

    4.  When timer goes off, turn off burner, and reset the timer for another 6 minutes. Leave pan on same burner with heat off.

    5.  When 2nd timer is up, remove eggs and place on towel or cooling rack on counter.   DO NOT put into cold water or crack shells.

         Let cool down to room temp on their own.   I usually peel at least one to eat, while still a bit warm.

    That's it!      Perfect hard boiled eggs!

    Not only will you have no ring or smell, they will be very easy to peel.  I've used fresh eggs from farm and they peel like they were a month old store bought.

    Here is the E-view!     "E" because it's eggs and not Q'd.  LOL

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    FPM, Nice tips for a no stink egg!
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    Thanks CrazyMoon.

    I used this method a bunch of times before posting it.  I wanted to be sure it worked each and every time.  It does!

    They are easier to peel while still a bit warm.  I just crack both ends, then roll on table and peel.  No water soak.
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