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    Well Guys It's me, 

    First I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. 

    Here is an update on what is going on with my situation.

    Thursday I was released from The University of Kansas Medical Center. They said that there was nothing more that could be done for me and they wwere going to release me. I was released even though they new I had to climb two flights of staiirs,one flight getting to the hous and a second flight once I got into the house to get to my bedroom.

    The first problem we encountered was after I was discharged I noticed that they had not removed my IV from my arm so they had a nurse come out and remove it. Second problem was getting me into my truck (largest and easiest vehicle I own to get me into wan it took 3 attendants to get my legs in because my left leg is now vertually useless. 

    Now we get to the house and the wife and 2 neighbor guys are going to help me up the steps from the curb to the house. We make it half way up before m;y left leg gives out. Not to be discouraged I manage to scoot on my butt up to the top of the stairs but now the problem is how to get me up and into the house. After about 45 minutes of trying with a couple more weakling neighbors we decide to call the fire department for help. They arrive and try to figure out how to get me up and inside and up to my bedroom, after getting me to my feet it takes 5 of them to get me up there.

    Once there they said they were worried about leaving me there because they feared me falling again but i assured them that All sould be okay as I only had to walk from my bed to the bathroom which was about 25 ft round trip and I did use crutches for that.

    About an hour later I had to use the bathroom so off we went with no problems, until I went to get off the stool. Then my left leg gave out and I ended up pinded between the tub and stool again we called the fire department back and I decided I wanted to go to a different hospital so they took me to Providence Medical Center.

    Once reaching the hospital the gave me a nidce room with a nice compfortable bed (Unforunately it was broked and had an alarm which could not shut off, by this time it was about 5:30am so they ordered me a new bed.

    About 8:00am they come and get me and take me to a new room and a new bed. all is well except I have to be transfered from one bed to another and also have to go to the bathroom. theyh decide t oplace the commode beteen the beds and so then when getting up I was just going to get into the new bed but then I made the mistake of reaching up for the trapeaze and fell again. The hospital had to get a lift to get me up and into my bed (time now is 10:00am as they had to send out for a lift.

    Today I am being transfered to yet another hospital, Mid America Rehabilitation Hospital, 5701 West 110th Street, Overland Park, 66211. 

    I don't know at this time if I will have any wifi access once they move me there but Kathryn will keep Gary (Scarbelly) poster on any new updates.

    Again I want to thank everyone for there thoujghts and prayers, I wasn't able to do much on the forum while at KU because they kept me pretty much drugged up with Morphine shots every hour, Darvacet Tablets every hour and Oxycotin every 4 hrs.

  2. boykjo

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    Thanks for the update scar......................[​IMG]    Wishing you all the best paul, all you should have on your mind is a speedy recovery

  3. bearcarver

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    Hang in there Paul!!!!

    We're all throwing hopes & prayers your way, Buddy!!!!!!

  4. bmudd14474

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    Thanks for the update.

    I hope that they can get your strength back up Paul.
  5. tjohnson

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    Thanks for the Update!!

    Still Prayin' for you Paul!

  6. alaskanbear

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    My sincere prayers for you and family--with Lady Bear being in a like way I fully understand your situation and wish you the very best. Hang in there Paul, we are all with you and look forward to all communications.

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Paul, hang in there buddy,do all the rehab. they throw at you and try to extend youself when exercising(make it stretch and almost hurt), I had a Knee replacement in May of this year and had 2 weeks Threaphy at a Nursing home, and walked out,linping a little, but with cane in hand,went home. Now it is weather subjuctive ,but doing great.

    Good luck and hand tight my Friend[​IMG]
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  8. smokinal

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    Hang in there Buddy!
  9. mballi3011

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    First off thanks Gary for the updates and Paul we wish you all the hope of a speedy recovery. All of our hopes and prays are with you my Friend.
  10. Hang in there Paul.
  11. venture

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    More prayers for Paul.

    Thanks Gary.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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