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  1. I finally got to open my new smoker this morning and I am doing the preseason now. My question is if I should do the preseason with the vent open, closed, or somewhere in-between in order to let the nasty manufacturing oil smoke smell out of it? It is heat great with temp a 283 after only 30 minutes, with vent open. The nasty smoke has decreased to almost nothing now, though I can still smell it, but I think that would be expected.


  2. I think I answered my own question. The temperature stabilized at 275+_ a few degrees and the "burn off" of the manufacturing oil isn't showing visible smoke anymore. I will be ready to add the 1 cup of wood chips in about 15 minutes.

    I also took advantage of this opportunity to check the temperature using my calibrated Fluke 52 temperature tester with the thermocouple inserted through the vent and measuring just above the top rack. I measured the actual temperature at this location as about 30 degrees (F) above the temperature showing on the MES 30 digital display. (The outdoor ambient temperature is currently 44.8 F). This discrepancy between the displayed temp and actual seems to be in keeping with what others have reported as I have browsed the MES forum. I didn't expect precision temperature accuracy and there are certain to be variations depending on where the sensor is located and whether the element is cycled on or off at any given moment.

    I'm not sure what my first "Smoke" will be yet, since I have trout, salmon, beef, pork, and poultry available, but I know I will be smoking something this weekend and I will try to remember to post my results with a picture.
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  3. Jim, You will find differing temps at each rack and a change from one side to the other. Check these and record them . Then you will know in the future. The MES temp probe is in the middle on the 2nd  or third rack.

    For your first smoke may I suggest a rack of spare ribs

    .They are fairly easy and hard to mess up also take 5 day Jeff's 5 day cooking school. It is full of good info and free. Here is a link to one of his free recipes.

    Merry  Christmas  Jted
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    Were you able to do a first smoke yet?

    I'm a new 30" MES owner too, having gotten mine a couple weeks back.  Since then, I've cooked the following: 6lb chicken, 14lb turkey (cured), and an 11lb pork shoulder.  They all came out good but I have to say the pulled pork was the BEST smoke to date!

    I have found my unit varies quite a bit w/ temperature.  Sometimes it will settle down and be fairly accurate to my Maverik ET733.  Other times, it will be off by up to 20 degrees for some reason...

    I highly suggest a remote thermometer like the Maverik as it allows you to keep the door closed and the heat in.  The temps drop drastically every time I open the door, understandable in this cold weather we've been having in southern California.


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