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Discussion in 'Pork' started by backpacker048, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Hey all you newbies, I finally had a successful smoke - after 5 poor attempts! I was a little discouraged with the poor results I was getting. The meat was ugly, dried up, wouldn't pull apart properly and had little flavor. I found Bearcarver's Step by Step procedure for smoking Boston Butte. It had detailed directions showing times, temp's and actions he took along the way. I followed them to a "T", crossed every "T", dotted every "I", and it turned out wonderful. It looked like the pictures, pulled apart like it is supposed to, and best is all, tasted like it is supposed to. I was totally amazed.

    So the moral to this story is keep on and try Bearcarver's Step by Step. He's the best. If you want to know how I did it, just search out his Step by Step for Boston Butte - Pulled Pork. You'll like it. "I guarantee it".

  2. redheelerdog

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    Good job back packer, any pics to show us?
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    Yep.  Gotta have qview.  Even without the pics, congrats on the smoke.  Glad you finally had it turn out great.

  4. backpacker048

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    Unfortunately, no pic's. I was so pleased and yes, surprised, when I rolled back the tinfoil, I didn't think to take a picture - maybe next time? I'll be trying more of Bearcarver's Step by Step smoke's.
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    Glad to hear that with Bears help you got it right!

  6. backpacker048

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    Thanks for all of your help too.
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    right on! [​IMG]
  8. backpacker048

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