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  1. Was itching for a new toy. After all, its been nearly 3 months since my last new toy. I had the itch for charcoal smoker. I have an electric (SmokingIt #2 tricked out) a pellet pooper and now a Pit Barrel Cooker

    First things First: Spare me the "dummy, you coulda built a UDS for 13 cents". I appreciate where you UDS guys are coming from but I ain't interested in building one. If I ever get a UDS it will likely be one made and ready to go. I build and mod guitars, I don't have enough time or desire to build other stuff. 

    Anyway, I was intrigued and after much research figured this is a good way to get into charcoal smoking. Money is not an issue for me but I wasn't about to drop 4 figure coin on a Backwoods or Stumps, only to find that I may not like charcoal smoking at all. 

    It arrived about 4 days after I placed the order. It was very well packed and included a couple of shakers of Noah's rubs. I make my own rubs, but I'll find use for it at some point (more on that later). Nice touch. 

    Last night on the way home from the airport I picked up a bag of KBB some SLC ribs and a plump yard bird. I've been interested in trying my hand at some Jamaican jerk style ribs. So I made up a marinade for one of the racks to sleep in last night. 

    I had a home office day today so it was a perfect day for me to test this thing out. Early afternoon I prepped the non-jerk rack and threw caution to the wind and put some of Noah's rub in that rack. Hung them up and about 2.5 hours in I hung the bird. 

    No question about it, the chicken from this thing is the bomb. That alone will justify the purchase. My wife is not a BBQ fan but she raved about this chicken. Home run for me. My son will try some chicken and ribs later but I am sure he will approve. 

    The jerk ribs were so so, but that is entirely due to my mediocre jerk marinade. It just didn't have the jerk flavor I was looking for. Plus, I am not into marinading meat so I may try a dry jerk rub in the future. The marinade does something to the meat that I don't like. The other rack was delicious. Noah's rubs were fine, and it was good to mix in some different flavors today. 

    There are some things I will tweak but the learning curve should be short. This thing runs hot by nature so I couldn't be sure of timing. That combined with the curiosity had me peeking in way too much. 

    This is a great addition to my arsenal and I will be cooking on it a lot as I get to know it better. 

    Here are some pics. 

    This is a nice little idea I got from somewhere to light the charcoal in the chimney. 

    Cut off a few and ate them before I took pics. We almost devoured the whole chicken before I remembered to take pics of that. 

  2. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Off to a great start with the new cooker! I looked at them but went WSM as I could smoke that night! That's the best way to light the charcoal if you ask me.
  3. I like to smoke at night too and do with the pellet pooper. But I may add a WSM anyway. I like toys and I know they are great smokers.

    Question: I added some health chunks of wood, but the predominate taste and smell on the food was charcoal. Not that I mind that, but I was expecting a little discernible wood flavor in the smoke profile. OK that was not a question, but this is; how is your smoke flavor? Do you taste the wood flavor? I guess I can run a batch of food without the wood chunks and see if I can tell the difference. 
  4. mkriet

    mkriet Smoking Fanatic

    What kind of wood did you use? Hickory is a good one and my personal favorite. Apple also goes well with pork. I'm not real sure about the UDS smokers, but I had a vertical charcoal smoker until a couple weeks ago, and always got great flavor from the wood.

    I'm glad to say I upgraded to a WSM 18.5 last weekend and will be giving it a try this weekend.
  5. worktogthr

    worktogthr Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Congrats on the new PBC! I have had one for about a year and I love it! As far as the wood chunks adding flavor, the PBC or any UDS gives food a taste that is very different from other smokers because of the juices from the meat dripping on the coals and vaporizing. Some people call it a grease fog. It's a somewhat prominent taste which might make it difficult to distinguish one wood from the others when you add chunks. Honestly, I have never tried to cook anything with straight charcoal because I am so used to adding chunks with my other cookers. No matter what wood I have added, I absolutely love everything I've made on it.
  6. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I get plenty of smoke flavor from the WSM. Maybe a little trial and error with how much wood you need to get the flavor your looking for. Maybe you can adjust your temp a little as well while you learn the new toy. How comfortable are you with that hanging food? That's the other reason I went WSM.
  7. I used hickory. I like that WSM and see myself owning one in the future. 
  8. I think you are absolutely right. I understand and am somewhat familiar with the "grease fog" taste as I once or twice cooked semi-low-n-slow on my Weber Kettle. This is just my first go-round with smoking something for several hours where the juices drip into the coals. As mentioned I have experience with an electric and a pellet smoker. 

    And I am not saying this was a bad thing, just different. 
  9. smokinal

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    Well for a first run with a new smoker, I think you did an amazing job!


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