NEW to Smoking: Is the WSM really that easy

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mkedda, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. mkedda

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    I am really intersted in the WSM. I have read reports using the minion method that i can lazy q for six hours without having to regulate the vents.

    Is this true ?

    How much interaction do I need with the WSM?

    I am looking to smoke bbq and pork butt around 200F
  2. smokin' dick

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    The WSM is pretty easy to use. It will run for many hours on a load of fuel and not need very much tending, As the fuel burns down, ash is created which can constrict the air flow. A little tap or a kick will knock it down and all will be well. Every couple hours or so you will need to adjust the vents. As the meat heats up the cooker will not need as much air to maintain temp, so you will need to adjust the air flow. It is as much of a set and forget cooker as charcoal can be. Even a gas smoker will require tending. If you are looking for thermostatic control, electric is the way to go.
  3. bassman

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard.
  4. fire it up

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    Welcome mkedda.
    Have you considered an MES? Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.
    I don't own one myself but many folks here do and they all seem to love them. No smoker is quite set it and forget it but the MES is supposed to be close.
  5. WSM's are great!!! Very easy to use and almost no interaction! If you are going to buy a smoker that is the way to go. I have seen people win comps with them over big old Langs and the likes. Can't get a whole hog in them but great for the back yard BBQ. They have the bigger one now also, almost as big as a drum!

    If you are a little handy though I would recommend building a UDS, costs alot less money and you have a 55 gallon smoker that pretty much works just like the WSM and you will have $150.00 or more left over to go buy meat[​IMG]

    I like the MES also but you have the whole electricty thing to think about. Not that that is a bad thing but they have been known to break on occasion. Both would be a good choice but I would have to go with the WSM just because it will last forever without question..
  6. mkedda

    mkedda Fire Starter

    Thanks for all the replies.

    So, I am torn between the Weber Smokey Mountain, Great Outdoors Grill Smoky Mountain and the Smoke Hollow. I am looking for the easisest with the best flavor.

    Plan to do pulled pork, ribs, and chicken.
  7. I have to disagree as my cookshack is set and forget. I put the meat on with a couple of chunks of wood, set the temp, and wait for the meat to get to desired temp, pull and enjoy.

    I have smoked butts for for 18+ hours and it was still producing TBS.
  8. herkysprings

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    I wouldn't leave it alone for 6 hours. Periodic checking is probably a good thing.

    Start WSM with minion
    Put in water and meat
    Monitor temps / vent to settle.

    Monitor every once and a while. A digital thermometer with a remote display will help.


    I think a lot of this depends on how much experience you have with charcoal. My first smoke was interesting (no experience), but the next day I got it going and held 225 on the bottom grate for several hours, then i bumped it up to 240 for several more. I practised opening and closing the lids and recovery went well. This was with no water in the pan either.

    It also has very good heat distribution as my digital thermometers registered 240 on top and bottom. I cant wait to use it again, and a full load of charcoal lasted me for 14+ hours easy.

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