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  1. Hey all!

    My name is Dale. We live in upstate New York about an hour north of Binghamton. I've smoking a couple years on a char-griller 5050. I have used the propane and the charcoal sides extensively. I have used chips for a long time but recently bought an amazin' pellet smoker so I can cold smoke cheese. It works very well for that purpose. We have smoked about 10 lbs. of cheese so far...and lovin' it!

    We have smoked lots of pork and brisket. It just keeps snowballing.

    We have a brew room in our basement where we have brewed some fine beers and wines for many years. Now that room is a multi-purpose room. We have a meat grinder, mixer, sausage stuffer and finally a commercial vacuum sealer (after going through 5 food saver sealers). We have a Vacmaster 380. An awesome machine. We have run at least 600 ft of rolls through this thing with no problems.

    We started making sausage. So far we've made Sweet Italian, Hot Italian and Bratwurst. We have custom ground our own burger. We'll never buy hamburger again! It's just too good!

    We have our first pork belly in a wet brine right now. Pops recipe. I do have a few questions about using instacure #1 as we don't have much experience using it yet.

    Looking forward to meeting folks with the same interests!

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    Welcome to SMF, Dale.

    So you have a brew / sausage making room... I have a feeling you'll fit right in here. [​IMG]

    The search bar at the top of every page is a handy feature to use for your cure #1 question, or head on over to the Curing Forum and ask away!

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