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  1. Hello, to all. I have been lurking for sometime now and have gotten many ideas and help from this site. I have a MES for my main smoker I also have an old Coleman round charcoal smoker that was given to me many years ago. Now for my question. I am going on a float trip and I need a good easy potato recipe that I can do over a campfire. I know that I can just do baked potatoes in foil, but I was looking for something different. Thanks for the help
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    Welcome to the forum!
    I like to do a pan of sliced potatoes, onions, garlic butter and seasonings...cover and let it sit on the fire for about 30 minutes, uncover when tender and top with cheese. Then cover until melted.
    Sometimes I add veggies to the tatoes, like broccoli or summer squash.

    Also for baked potatoes, I slice them in half, stuff bacon, onions and seasoning in the middle, put the two halves back together and wrap in foil. Then bake in the fire. They are still just baked potatoes, but the bacon and onion in the middle add a lot of flavor.

    Hmmmm, I'll do some more thinking.
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    Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  4. Thanks cowgirl. I should have added that I will have a grill grate over the fire and well as a small table top gas grill and a two burner stove that I can use as well.
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    Welcome to the site from another Kansas Citian...(actually Raymore...)

    I second this!!! The potatoes turn out great and the best part is you do not have a pan to clean up...just through away the foil...

    As for Bakers...we put them in the fire...literally...bury then into the coals and they cook quickly. The skin burns, but the potato itself is very tasty!

    Where are you floating??? Sounds like a lot of fun!!!
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    welcome to smf, cant wait to share some smokes!!!
    when we go elk hunting every year everyone loves the potatos i make, it is really simple and to tell the truth prob from year to year never exactly the same. seem to always throw something in there different. but basically when frying bacon for breakfast save the bacon grease. using the grease add a diced onion and more bacon(cut in bite size pieces)and sautee, when carmelized remove onion/bacon. add thinly sliced potatos and season with season all and pepper. cook and every little while flip em over to get them evenly cooked. when almost done put back onion/bacon back in and finish off. this is just the basic, is great just like this, have added ham chunks to make it a one skillet meal. have also added cheese at very end just long enuff to get its melt on.... something about the outdoors and food, have never had a bad meal camping or hunting!!!
  7. We will be floating the Niangua River next Thursday. We will put in at Bennett Springs and take out at Ho Hum campgrounds. I am going to smoke a brisket this weekend and we will just reheat it after we get off the river with corn on the cob and what every potatoes I decide on for one night. The other night I think that we are going to have grilled chicken with onions and mushrooms and honey mustard sauce. Thanks for all the help full recipes.
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    Welcome from Olathe!!
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    Welcome KC. Good things to learn here. just west of ya a couple of hours.
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    Welcome to the smf.........Lots of great people here and great info too.......
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    Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. Be safe on your float.
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    Ahhh the good ole Niangua...wonderful river...esp for fishing! We usually take a day to just fish and are confident to pull enough small mouth bass for a meal...we have never gone hungry :)

    Have fun and be careful. The water is up quite a bit and the river is moving faster than normal...

    Good idea on smoking and then reheating!!! Good luck with the potatos too!

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