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  1. I have 10 corperate big wigs coming to town from heartford Connecticut coming down to Denver on need to make a meal for them that afternoon barbecue and I need ideas. I have about 40 employees. We have done the hot dogs and burgers thing and we want to do something different. I have a smoker at home and I have a large grill at work that's also a smoker. I wanna show them what Colorado cookin is all about! I need ideas of things to make while you're at work. Thanks guys for all your help in advance.
  2. You want something that wont take a long time. ABTs, chicken legs, country style ribs, pork shotz. I'm sure some more ideas will be along soon.
  3. what are ATB"s
  4. I mean ABT'S
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    Colorado..... hmmm.... Rocky Mountain Oysters! [​IMG]

    For a crowd pulled pork is a great way to go, couple of big pans of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans, some slaw, buns, chips, and drinks. Can't go wrong!
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    Pulled Pork and Chichen Thighs is what  I am doing for a group of 100 at work this Monday. I cooked the pork last weekend and it's vacum baged and frozened in the freezer. Monday I will cook the chicken in the smoked and reheat the pork in the vacum bags using my Turkey Fryer filled with water.

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