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  1. I recently bought a GMG Daniel Boone. I have never owned a pellet smoker before but I used to use UDS. I am not happy with GMG. First off the new stainless drip pan set the temps way higher on the right side. I cut the slot bigger in the box to get a more even temp. I am cooking a brisket. I put it on at midnight. It is now noon and it is only at 150. My smoker is set at 235 but when I put a different probe in it reads 200. (I did the water test and it reads accurate). Now I am in Canada and it is -12C and I don't have a thermal jacket on. Is this my problem? If the display says 235 shouldn't it be at least 235?? I'm really starting to regret buying this and not a  traeger... any help will be appreciated
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    There is frequently a difference between set point and actual temp. The big difference is most likely due to outside temp. Turn it up and go by the therm. You would not likely get a better result with a Traeger. The metal is thinner, faster heat loss, and the controller is somewhat less accurate with larger temp swings from the set point...JJ
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    I love my GMG DB. Just did a 9lb point last week, and it turned out great.
    Do you have a wifi unit? If so is the firmware up to date. Should be 5.8.
    I was also having right side temps 50* or so higher. I fixed that with a simple 3" elbow, $4. You can get a aftermarket downdraft for $90. The only downside to the elbow is it takes up some grill space. In the pic I didn't have the 4" piece on to bring the opening closer to the grill surface.
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    Hi Greg here I am a proud new owner of the db WiFi and love it!!! I always had an upright gas smoker and I make alot of venison backstrap tenderloin and jerky and I WOULD like to get a little more smoke flavor out of only slight complaint so I started putting a few wood chips on top of the heat shield for extra smoke flavor seems to help have u had any problems with low or no smoke flavoring??
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    That is one of the main gripes about a pellet muncher. Get yourself a amnts. Todd is a site sponsor, and has fantastic products with great customer service. I use mine all the time.

    You can see it behind the brisket.

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