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Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by super fly, Jul 6, 2015.

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    I bought a chrome pot trolley I was going to use to set the diffuser on, after I take the wheels off obviously.
    I am assuming since the smokey joe grill grate is chrome as well this should not be an issue. For the diffuser I bought a couple different terracotta saucers. My only issue is the one says water resistant terracotta so I'm wondering if it's coated with something I shouldn't be using in the smoker. The other one is "antiqued" and as you can has a kind of white wash; also wondering if this one is safe. Thanks!

    Also, I wanted to attach the pot lid to the bottom of the pot to get a better fit and bit extra height. However, the pot doesn't fit into its own lid. It's the 32qt IMUSA, I thought this had been done with the IMUSA pots.
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    I think the latest pots available have slightly different shapes than they use to (I know the Vasconia does).  I used an Imusa without attaching the lid to the bottom and I think it fits good anyway.  As far as terra cotta I would go with the one that looks more natural.
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    Terracotta is naturally water resistant, not water proof, but resistant due to the clay properties in it.

    Put it in the smoker, heat it really good at temps higher than normal smoking, and let it burn off a bit in case there are any oils or other gunk from handling, shipping, etc...  Should be good to go.
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    The pot fit in the lid on my first one, but not the second one. The second one also never fit quite right. The edge of the bottom was more rounded so it didn't mate well with the ridge on the grill. What I ended up doing was cutting the bottom out leaving about an inch. Then I took my jigsaw and made slices every inch, to the edge of the pot. Then I bent the slices out with pliers until I essentially had a tube with no bottom. I then carefully bent them back in, forming a 90° angle. Now the pot has a hard edge that sits perfectly in the grill and is completely air tight.
    Here's the thread:
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