My fourh attempt at smoking up some diner for friends.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by grit, Aug 29, 2014.

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    Hopefully I got the right place, if not mods help me out.

    Last time I posted  I was looking for advice on timing different kinds a meat to come off at the same time, that I had planned to smoke up for a board game night with some friends.  I received some great advice on the subject from Chef JimmyJ and a few others, I do have to say you lot are most helpful bunch and I hope to be just as helpful in my own time.  I got bogged down and never got around to QViews.   This time around friends are heading over for another night of board games and some baby backs.  So here is a QView to make up for last time.  Here is where I am at after just the baby backs on, the butt went on about 8:30ish this morning for pull pork for throughout the week.  Using a mix of mesquite and apple wood chunks, in the old water pan I filled it up with a quad stout beer from my local micro brewery and a bit of water to top it up, in a couple of hours I might toss on some foil potatoes.

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    Things are looking real good so far , just 'Practice , practice , practice' .and send more Q-view [​IMG]

    Soon you'll be enlightened , go my friend and give the world "Que".

    Have fun and . . .
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    Ribs came a went without a hitch, that pork butt though, rather the blade bone I slide the prob in too close to it I guess and messed with the readings.  She was only a seven and half pounder which I started in the morning, fifteen hours later IT is only reading 198F and I had enough of that and prodded it with wooden kabob skewer and she sailed right on through like a hot knife through butter.  So I called it done.took it off and rested it an hour and pulled it.

    Been a long day that starter early at the smoker. going to relax sleep and get up and have some sammiches for brekkie
  4. 15 hours and that IT sound about right.......but as you said the probe slid right in so it's all good.  People pull anywhere from 195-205 so you were in the zone.  No final pics?  [​IMG]
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    Fifteen hours eh?  I am glad I had the butcher cut it down from fourteen and half pounds, though I am somewhat remissed about not buying the whole thing and smoking both halves at the same time.  Just one of it all pulled, cursing myself for not snapping one before shredding it?  Will that suit your needs?

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  6.  yes sir  [​IMG]
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    Very nice

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