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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bobbydrake, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. bobbydrake

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    Thanks to great advice from people on this forum I am attempting to smoke a large amount (for me) of pulled pork for a family picnic this weekend.  Follow along on my adventure.


    Just shy of fifteen lbs.  My biggest smoke so far.


    Out of the package.  I had it split into two sections so it would actually fit in my vertical smoker.


    I know... I know...  I am have made a number of rubs in the past and still have not found something that I really like.  I decided to try out something that I know I do like.  I need to experiment more with rub recipes, but I didn't want to use this picnic for testing out new things (except for maybe some different sauces).


    Wrapped and ready for the fridge.  The smoking will start around midnight sat/sun.  I want to give myself at leat 12 hours before the picnic.  I would rather get done too soon and have it sit in a cooler than not be ready at all.  I will update this thread as the day progresses (or more specifically night progresses) tomorrow.

    edit: crap my links don't work.  I guess I will have to read teh instructions and try and fix them.

    edit 2: Got the pics fixed.  Sorry if they are too big.  I will resize any others that I upload.
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  2. eman

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    Looks like your off to a great smoke.

     Can't believe ole tonys seasoning has grown to be a world wide product.
  3. tjohnson

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    Pulled Pork = YUM YUM!

    What are you gonna do for a finishing sauce?

  4. mballi3011

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    Everything looks good so far BUT. I see that you left yourself 12 hours to pull off this smoke. I think you might need a little more time for all of this meat. I would almost say that you will need maybe 15 hours or so to create this smoke. A good rule of thumb is about 1 1/2 hours per pound. You can always leave it in the cooler for longer if you need to.
  5. pineywoods

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    I'm with Mark give yourself more time 14-15 hours would be better. Holding it in a warm dry cooler is much better than trying to explain to a bunch of hungry people staring a hole through you that its done when its done
  6. realtorterry

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    I just did a small 6 pounder that took 11 hours?? Remember the stall too!
  7. bobbydrake

    bobbydrake Fire Starter

    I put them on at about 10pm and they are not needed until at least 1pm the next day.  That gives me about 15 hours, I hope that is enough.

    As for finishing sauce I have some bottled store bought stuff for those afraid to try anything new.  I have taked a couple recipes from these forums and will be putting them together tomorrow morning.

    Edit: 3:30 am

    5 1/2 hours in and both butts reached 165 within 30 minutes of each other.  They have been foiled and placed back in the smoker.  Neither hit the stall yet so who knows how much longer they will take.  I will check on them in a couple hours.  Now it is sleepy time.

    Edit 2:

    Well I didn't sleep for too long.  Both butts at 205 degrees by 5:15 am.  I think my smoker must have been a little too warm.  Temps kept creeping up to 250, not the 225-240 range.  How much of a difference is that going to make beside the fact that the whole smoke only took 7.5 hours?  It never really hit the stall which kind of worries me.  Isn't that the time where it breaks down the fat and makes it super tender? That is only one hour per pound, nowhere near the 1.5 to 1.75 hours per pound it should have been.  I hope I didn't screw this whole thing up.  They do smell amazing.  I will now leave them to rest in the cooler, wrapped in blankets for the next 6 hours or so.  Hopefully I won't have to throw them back in the oven to warm up.  Pics to follow later.
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  8. bigmatt

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    Can't wait to see how it turned out!
  9. raptor700

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    Looking forward to the finished product!
  10. Bobby, they don't always stall. I have done a smoke of a split shoulder both roughly 7.5 pounds. One was done in 6.5 hours, the other took over 10. Cook to a temperature not a time and you'll always hit the mark.

  11. Another quick question/comment, I have never wrapped my rubbed meats in aluminum foil for rest over night. I don't think its dangerous but I typically use plastic wrap. Just an observation
  12. bobbydrake

    bobbydrake Fire Starter

    First I just want to thank everybody for all your help and advice.  The butts turned out perfect.  So perfect that I only had a chance to snap one picture while I was pulling the pork.


    There was enough for leftovers as well.  Too bad I didn't get to keep them.  My father claimed that since my parents bought the meat for the picnic the leftover meat was required to stay at thier house.  I think that they just didn't want to share.

    I used SoFlaQuer's Finishing sauce and had some of his Carolina Mustard sauce on the side and everybody loved it. Well everybody but my wife.  We used the picnic to tell the family that she is pregnant and unfortunatly the smell of smoked meats turns her stomach. 

    I could not be happier with the way it turned out.  Since I was cooking the main course for the picnic, I was really nervous that everything would turn out perfect.  Now that I have that under my belt I am much more confident should I try it again.

    Also, va_connoisser, I usually wrap the meat in plastic wrap, but I could not find any around that was extra wide to accomodate the butts.  I guess I will have to take a trip to Sam's Club and get the industrial size plastic wrap for next time.
  13. rc1991

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    The butts look great and congrats on the baby too! I did 2 butts about the same size and cut over the weekend and mine took about 18 hours total - it's pretty interesting to see how the cooking times can vary!

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