MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

Discussion in 'Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners' started by chrisblunck, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. daveomak

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    mneely, afternoon...... If you got that mailbox at a garage sale, you PAID .....WAY TOO MUCH ..... for it..... :biggrin:
  2. mneeley490

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    Ha! No, like I said, it was the one we replaced at my daughter's 1950's house. Might even be the original.. It may not be pretty, but it is solidly built, unlike the newer ones I looked at in the big-box home improvement stores. It took about 3 entire minutes for my brand new hole saws to penetrate it!
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    Testing today on a couple pork butts. No leaks! At the 2-1/2 hour mark, AMNPS is running smoothly, turning out perfect TBS. The MES seemed to be having a bit of trouble getting up to temp, so I did cover the mailbox intake holes halfway with metal tape, to cut down a little on the draft. 

    I will post pics later in another thread.
  4. Hi, I love your mailbox mod! I'm new to this so I wanted to that a steel or aluminum mailbox? Where did you find the metallic leg stands attached to the box? And finally, how big is the hole to the smoker and what did you use to join them?

    Thanks! Broiler king
  5. mneeley490

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    Who are you directing your question to?
  6. Oops. I just realized that you were referring to someone else mod in the original post. Disregard!
  8. inkjunkie

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    Have not even used my MES40 yet....but it has a mailbox on it. I have some pictures I took of it last night after I got done....will post them here shortly.....I just ordered a AMNPS today as well. I did however "season" the mailbox and the associated parts using the 18" tube we have. I only drilled one small (.250") hole towards the top of the mailbox door. There was several holes in the floor of it already. But the tube did smoke for right around 6 hours...At first I had the timer set for 4 hours....I have read that without some heat in the smoker a draft is not developed and the smoke has a hard time making its way out. At one point when I went to check on it I noticed a bit of smoke was coming out of the mailbox door, the control panel of the MES said 35*. I have read on here that this is common....and I have an idea of how I am going to address this for when I want to cold smoke and the ambient temperature is on the colder side. After I get done exercising I will post up my ramblings....if any one is interested...
  9. daveomak

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    Turn on the heat in the MES until the temp says 50-70 and watch the draft develop... turn it off..... see what the temp goes to..... get it warm enough to draft... You might have to "crack" open the door to the MB to get enough air to flow... It's a trial and error thing... I have 2 each 3/4" or 1" holes in mine.... each situation is different....

  10. I went out and did the mailbox mod as well. I also picked up an old table for $8 to raise up the smoker a bit and give a longer path for the smoke to travel/cool. Works like a charm. Sometimes I've had to relight the AMNPS when it got to the middle row but it's not a big deal. Maybe I should add a hole or two underneath the mailbox where the 2nd row of the ANMPS lines up to?

  11. valdamax

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    A case fan was my first thought for this mod as well! Great job with that... I would pay $40 for a stainless steel AMNPS smoke box w/ fan mod *peers at Todd* - short of him making us one, any ideas on a stainless steel box enclosure that would work well instead of a mailbox?
  12. inkjunkie

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    Have not priced stainless steel lately....but for enough of a sheet of it to build a stainless mailbox it is going to cost quite a bit more than $40.....not to mention the pricey tig welding that it will need...
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  13. valdamax

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    I'm not sure about that - $6 out of China in volume purchase of 200 units... (may have to copy/paste link for it to work)

    edit: I reference that computer case simply to demonstrate how cheap it can be for a stainless steel box with computer fan - something like for our needs could probably be done for even half that price
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  14. inkjunkie

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    Good point. Had a neighbor that thought going thru the above place was a great way for his indoor gardening shop to get there high power light ballast and hoods. Ran into his business partner, said by the time all was said and done they didn't even break even on the deal, but that is a whole different deal.

    Pretty sure this has already been covered here, right now I have Gorilla Tape sealing the elbow to the Mailbox. If I allow it to completely cure prior to use can I use the Permatex Ultra Gold I use on our pellet stove pipe?
  15. domapoi

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    Have you tried just popping the pellets in the microwave for about a min. to a min. and a half on high? I don't use the pellets but have on occasion had the same problem with the dust not staying lit and the micro cures that problem right away.
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  16. inkjunkie

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    If you do nuke the pellets be careful on how long they are getting zapped. Best to keep the time short and give them several sessions with some rest between them. Was nuking some pellets a short while back and had them start to smolder, they were in the nuke box for 75 seconds.
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  17. will75

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    What is the science part of having the mailbox below the smoker?   better draft?
  18. daveomak

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    Heat rises....
  19. driedstick

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    Starting my mod last night, will be going and getting the D/V pipe tonight. 

    Did not have an old one sitting around so had to buy this at HD. 17.00 

    Hole cut, I will need to open it to 3", this is about 2 3/4, largest hole saw I had. 

    Thought I would give her a test run. 

    chugging along 

    I know before I went to bed it was still going and that was about 4hrs into. it, When I got up this morning I checked it out and only one stretch of the amps was burnt, it did not turn the corner to start the next leg. SO when I get everything up and going and connected I will do it again and start modifying more holes in it. 

    More to come.

  20. daveomak

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    This is the inlet air I chose and it works very well.... the upper air inlet helps to stop recirculating smoke, which is very low on oxygen.... and the 3 holes allows for plenty of air to prevent stale smoke, and allow for moisture removal from the smoker with good air flow...

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