MES gen 2, model 20070613

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  1. Hi All,

    Just got this beast in a trade today. Was planning to make a cold smoke box. After checking I believe the digitals might work and the only thing wrong is the connector corroded and fell away from the element. So when I get time and a couple of high temp connectors I may clean it up and give it a try as a smoker. Had a MES 30 analog last year but wasn't impressed and sold it pretty fast. What do you think, go ahead with the cold smoke box plan or fix her and give watt burning another chance?

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  2. eman

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    If you just have a burned connector,i would repair it.

    When i repaired mine i replaced both the wires going to the element w/ 12 gauge high temp wire and stainless connectors. MB uses 14 0r 16 gauge wire. holds up to the heat much better .
  3. smokesontuesday

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    I'd definitely open it up and take a look at if you're comfortable with doing some wiring. You don't lose anything but a little time if it's irreparable. You can still make a cold smoker out of it either way.

    If you get it up and running again you end up with a heck of a jerky/snack stick machine plus you still have the ability to cold smoke.
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  4. Thanks, One male connector was so corroded it broke off while trying to clean it. I silver-brazed the wire directly to the element, so no more problem there. General cleanup underway, what a greasy mess, worse than I expected.
  5. smokesontuesday

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    Sounds like you're on the way to having a solid piece of smoking gear. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. Cleaned painted and seasoning/testing.


  7. Nice job cleaning the interior. Did you use oven cleaner.
  8. daricksta

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    Outstanding clean up job. Wouldn't have thought it possible. It was never a great hot smoker to begin with so you might use it for your cold smoker. 
  9. Thanks, I realize it's the least desirable model, but I'm in it for smoking a boston butt for a friend. Which I would have done anyway if he had asked. Yeah I'm still considering it mostly as a killer cold smoking box.  And since it is working on some level, like SOT said "a heck of a jerky/snack stick machine". Been thinking about engineering sone kind of diffuser (akin to tuning plates) to improve temp balance, but I have other smokers I like/trust better so not sure if experimenting with that would be worthwhile. Oh, and yes I did use oven cleaner, and 2 rolls of paper towels to wipe out the thick layer of grease.

  10. Testing: Smoking franks and smoked hamburger for the chili. Seems pretty good @ 1 hour. Staying pretty close to 200.

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