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  1. I am right in the middle of smoking a Brisket right now . 1:57 eastern time in beautiful North West NJ. Girl Friend is coming over to partake in what I hope will be a most excellent meal . I am digressing . What I really want to talk about is the MES electric cold smoker kit . All I can say is WOW . I put layers of broken lump charcoal ,hickory chips, Jack Daniels pellets and split hickory chunks and I am getting perfect smoke . And I mean perfect .Why is there such a bad feeling against this thing ,it works GREAT!!! Versatility  is unbelievable . Set and forget it .Granted it will not do 11 hours like the AMNPS . But 5 - 6 hours is not bad . And using what ever you feel like throwing in there isn't half bad either . Got some real good music going right now, Richard Thompson The Mavericks etc .The smoker is doing everything I want it to and the weather is perfect .What more can you ask for . 
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  2. Well since you ask. What else could I ask for. Here is my request! WHERE IS THE Q-VIEW?


    Happy smoken.

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    I'll second that request...[​IMG]  I'll set back with my drink and wait for it... no slackers or you get a trip to ...[​IMG]   [​IMG].

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