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  1. Has anyone with a mes noticed in order to keep an oven thermometer around the desired smoking temp, you have to have the smoker cranked up a lot past your target temp? Anyone else have this issue and any suggestions or solutions? Thank you everybody!
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    The installed thermometer in almost all smokers are almost always off by a pretty large amount. Reports of 50* error is not uncommon. I suggest you check the oven temp with a digital thermo at the level the meat is cooking on to see what your real oven temp is.

    Good luck

  3. Thank you Lamar!
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    The MES is known for that.

    Some of their temp controllers are very close to the right temp, and some are way off. 

    I'm lucky mine is only about 5 degrees off, but as Lamar said some may be off 50 degrees.

    Masterbuilt has an excellent customer service Dept. & they may be able to help you with this.

  5. Thanks Al! I have some ribs in now and we will see how they turn out!!
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    Don't forget....without Qview it didn't happen.

  7. I know this was from Super Bowl Sunday, here is a before pic, here is done!!

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