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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by damnthatsgood, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. smokeymcgee

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    I work on planes for a living and I wouldn't trust it. I've found 90 % of the stuff used on planes has some very nasty chemicals in it. Nothing I would want around my food at least.
  2. radioguy

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    I just hit mine with some red rtv (NSF) let them dry and put heat shrink over top.

  3. smokeymcgee

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    My et 732 just arrived from amazon. I got a great deal and overnight shipping free! (Amazon rocks!). I can't wait to open it up and play with it tomorrow. What kind of heat shrink are you using guys??? I've got some automotive heat shrink laying around, but I don't think it's high temp grade. I'm curious if this is something I need to order or if they have it at the home improvement depot?? Thanks in advance!
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  4. radioguy

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    Any heat shrink will work. It has to get to about 700
    degrees to'll handle cook temps.

    Have fun with your new toy!

  5. This is good advice.  People usually have problems when the probes get submerged, or used in wet smokes.  I don't want anyone to think you have to cover them in shrink tube, or that I endorse it.  I did it because I just can't handle things being "stock", and because the joint seemed kind of wimpy (like all probes), and I wanted to beef it up. *ahem*
    Glad it helped.  I don't know if there is a PDF out there, but I bet Maverick could help you with that.
    We were building an engine once, and using Permatex black RTV in some places, and the gray RTV from International in others.  When the two touched, they started smoking and giving off a noxious fume!!  Totally cool, but probably not for human consumption.  Now once these sealants vulcanize, I'm sure they're safe.  But like SmokeyMcGee says:  "Who knows?"
    I would think you could use any that wasn't garbage.
    That ^^^
  6. I already have a ET732 that I love but I would really like to have multiple meat probes. Does anyone know if all maverics operate on the same frequency or could I use my 732 and a 733 at the same time? This would give me 3 meat probes and 1 bbq probe. I was originally thinking about making a switch box that I could plug multiple probes into and then connect it to the transmitter but it would be nice to be able to view the temps all at once. If someone has two maverick therms could you try running them at the same time?

  7. bearcarver

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    If I'm not mistaken, when you turn the units on in the proper order, they lock on to the one you want them to lock onto.

    I believe you might have problems without doing that, but I'm not sure of that.

    I'm sure someone knows more about this than I do.

  8. radioguy

    radioguy Smoking Fanatic

    Give it a try and see if they interfere with each other. What's to lose? They may use the same components for the radio link on both units....give it a try....let us know what you find out.

  9. jckdanls 07

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    I use my 73 and 732 at the same time.. and my buddy has a 732 as well and we use them all at the same time... no problems... as Bear said.. just turn on one set at a time so they lock together.. wait a minute and start the other set....

    as far as heat shrinking probes... i did as Radioguy did.. I cut my tubing to length and then marked my probe and wire where the tubing is gonna be and then red rtv'd in between marks... put the tubing over and heated to shrink it... cleaned off any excess rtv and let em set overnight... no problems with water now....
  10. munkiestyle

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    Yes they do work at the same time

  11. daricksta

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    Man, I got the ET-732 for Christmas, haven't even used it yet and now it's already out of date. I hate technology. But instead of returning my Maverick I'll use it until it stops working and then get the new 733. Lots of guys have been using the 732 for years and loving it. Also, I don't need the extended range of the 733 because I place my MES 30 right outside my family room window. The family room...where the TV is.
  12. bearcarver

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    I have my ET-732 since they came out---about 4 years, and the only problem it has is shooting through me Steel Front Door. It has no problem with the log walls.

  13. daricksta

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    No steel doors in the back for me to worry about. During the spring-fall I'll have two open windows to transmit and receive through. I assume that Hardie siding shouldn't be a problem either.

    Did you build yourself a log cabin home? I've got a bro-in-law also did that (with lots of help) about 20 years ago.
  14. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I got mine from Todd Johnson through his A-MAZE-N site. Just checked the price of the 733. It may have new features and such but it also costs $20 more than I paid for my 732--which I also have yet to use.
  15. bearcarver

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    I didn't actually build it, but I was here every day, all day, and helped with all the woodworking parts. The carpenters were great, and we got along really good. Wish I could say the same for the concrete & electric guys!!! That was 12 years ago.

  16. daricksta

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    Sounds like your electrical guys also worked on my house as well, but that would have been a REAL commute since we don't live even remotely near each other. But I feel your pain, every time a circuit breaker flips or an electrical outlet smolders and blackens.
  17. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I know so little about electric that I couldn't see their screw-ups when they were doing them.

    I got a hint when the carpenter plugged a small portable table saw in the garage outlet & he kicked the breaker for the living room lamp's outlet.

    I made them run a new separate wire for the garage outlets.

    However now whenever Mrs Bear runs her vacuum cleaner from a living room outlet, we have to turn the kitchen lights off first, so the breaker doesn't kick !!!

  18. daricksta

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    We bought and had "installed" a triple-wide manufactured home on land we had also purchased. The only we could afford to build a house on the land WAS to go with manufactured. When the two techs did what was supposed to be the final walkthrough we pointed out our bedroom ceiling light wasn't working and they probably jerry rigged something to fix it. You can tell where each separate area circuit is by what goes out. If family room power outlet goes down it takes down a couple of other outlets with it. If the front bathroom power GFI outlet goes south, so does everything in the hall just outside it. We had two fluorescent light panels in our kitchen that over the years took longer and longer to light in cold weather. I replaced the light tubes and ballasts but one finally stopped working. We had a contractor friend install a new lighting system and we've had an abundance of instant-in lighting ever since. I've replaced some power outlets twice in the 13 years we've lived here. Then there are some recurring plumbing problems as well, AND we found out you can't hang anything heavy from the walls or ceiling. Old-style Japanese house paper walls are sturdier than the thin drywall used in manufactured homes, well, almost anyway.
  19. I just ordered my ET-733 Black tonight via Amazon. I should have it Thursday. Going to try and use it on Saturday. I have yet to use my Masterbuilt Extra wide Propane Smoker. This will be the first time I have ever smoked anything. Looking forward to it.
  20. mikeybfromtn

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    Did you have any issues syncing, with 2 units being run together?  I would think not, but just checking.

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