Masterbuilt XL..Daddys new toy!!

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by turnandburn, May 24, 2013.

  1. howdy howdy howdy!!!...well my wife surprised me with a gift yesterday, she told me she wanted to go to basspro to do some shopping...i have no problem with that, cuz she can do whatever and i have tons of things to look at...its a win win...well i didnt know id be walking out a champion!! haha...

    so there i am wandering looking at guns while her and our 3yr old daughter are off who knows where doing who knows what when all of a sudden i hear "Joe Escorza(thats my name btw..hehe)!,your party is waiting for you at customer service, im thinking "wtf? why didnt she txt me?" so i make for the front of the store and theres my daughter and wife standing there with this gigantic box ontop of a cart, only to find out this monstrosity is MINE MINE MINE!!!!! Yippeeeee!!! well onto some pics...standby....

    no before took me about 15 minutes to assemble fully. couldnt stop grinning like a child on xmas morning!

    i only installed 3 racks, even though it came with 4.

    sprayed insides down with a little "grilling" pam. and seasoning her up with hickory and mesquite wood. shes smoking up nicely....

    obviously, mods will need to be done. this was taken to show where some of the leaks are....seeping out the front door. not too bad.

    well, thanks for looking guys, im excited to have her maiden smoke this weekend with a couple butts. gunna be nice. stay tuned.
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    She's a keeper Joe! I mean your
  3. [​IMG]...yep she sure is. im at work right now, and shes already asking me if im sure i wanna wait til tomorrow to do the butts cuz she wants to go pick up some baby backs for tonight. shes a closet smoker, i know it!..haha. ive been noticing her getting more and more into helping with prep and even lighting the smoke tube up and watching it setup with that nice TBS all the way down to actually placing said smokeable goodies in the smoker. i think weve got a winner folks!![​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Congratulations Joe! You sure have one great woman! Keep her interested in smoking, we'd love to have her join us Lady Smokers! 
  5. why thank you! and yes i know she is woman in the world to me. she'll definitely be more involved cuz its definitely sparked her interest.[​IMG]
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    Bought one for my self two weeks ago
    Love it
  7. Its an awesome smoker. Don't more than a few cooks soo far. And couldn't be happier. Gunna seal up the door a bit better,but other than that no complaints. Thumbs Up

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