Masterbuilt vs Master-Forge

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bgosnell151, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. bgosnell151

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    are they the same?  I am new and tried to research it a little, but wasn't able to find anything on this.  Looking at purchasing my first smoker, and I feel that an electric smoker would be the way to go.  
  2. bbqbilly

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  3. bgosnell151

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  4. bbqbilly

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    Which model?

    I think I might go with the 30 inch electric one since that seems to be the more popular one.
  5. old sarge

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    Have you folks looked at the Cookshack, the SmokinTex or the Smokin-it electric smokers?  They are all solid machines.  I listed them in order of high price to low.
  6. Masterforge 30 inch digital with top front controls and and solid door without glass definitely is a masterbuilt 2nd generation MES 30 that people are talking about on this site .I know that because I have one and on the back of the smoker is the Masterbuilt ID plate .
  7. bgosnell151

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    thanks... do you like it?  Does it do a good job getting up to heat and holding it?  I live in Northern MA and want something that will allow me to make my smoking season longer.  Any issues with it?  Thanks in advance.
  8. I have the MasterForge rebranded MES Gen 2. So far it works great. I have not used it in the frozen weather yet though.
  9. ncage

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    I can tell you i just opened my 40 in master forge today and it stamped with masterbuilt on the back of the unit. 
  10. bob frank

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    its only freezing outside and my masterbuilt no window box at 225 seldom has heat on light going. I have been waiting for this brisket to get past 195 for an 2 hour now. turned the thermo to 275 half hour ago heating came on and off  - still no rise. Inside now.

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