Masterbuilt smoker vent position?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by northernsmoke, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Soaking chips just slow down the smoking start.... Use dry chips, add about 1/4 cup at a time, about every 45 minutes. OR.....   buy a smoke generator from Todd.... An AMAZING smoker.... Get the AMNPS, pellet burner..... it will burn up to 11 ish hours on one fill.....  no electricity, no fan..... it's cool..... I and others here use them.....  Check the sponsors link in the bar at the top of the page......   Believe me, and others, when it comes to excellent smoke and food tasting great, Todd's invention is AWESOME, not to mention over 10 hours of continuous smoke....   

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    Do what works best for you. Many of us have a lot more experience with our MES smokers than the guys who make Masterbuilt's Videos, and most MES owners run their top vent all the way open, and most of us have found soaking the chips to be useless. That doesn't mean you have to do exactly as we do.We just make recommendations.

  3. Hey Guys,

    I just got my first 30" SS MBES for Father's Day.  My unit has the left side (facing the front the window) upper side vent with the full size chip tray.  I saw others commenting on Modifying their older MBES's with that top vent trick.  Are there any special tips or tricks for the newer model of the MBES 30" smokers?  

    I made some ribs in it the other weekend. They came out pretty good, granted my first time using the unit, they could have been more tender, but they have a nice glaze on them from a dry rub I used, nothing wet.  

    Any tips for the newer type of MBES would be greatly appreciated! 

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    The gen 2 models with the side vent benefit from more air flow. The small slit in that side vent causes the smoke to hang around in the chamber a bit too long in my opinion. It also allows the temp to continue to rise way beyond the set temp. I dremeled out a second opening just like the first thru the back plate with the vent closed. That way when you open the vent you have twice as much exhaust opening. In another I took out the vent assembly completely and replaced it with a 3 inch adjustable elbow from lowes and put in a rotating damper. I also have found that small chunks work great for smoke. Lasts longer and gives better flavor. Also, for longer smokes get an AMAZN pellet tray.
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  5. Thanks Geerock for the reply.   Which of the two mods did you find most useful for the Gen 2 version of the MBES?  Also I was readying up on those AMAZN pellet trays, but I read it was only to used upto 180 degrees???  And also where would I put it?  On the lowest rack?  Or where?  

    Thanks again for your input :)
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    I've used them both. And I've used the tray and tube. I remove the mb water tray and place the amazn over that opening. Then I use a foil pan on the bottom rack as a place for water or sand tray. It also protects the smoke generator from drippings. As for smoke only up to 180 with an amazn...... not true. Chunks give you a good hour to hour and a half of great smoke so tey that too. I just did an overnight smoke with 13 lb brisket and 9 lb butt last night and started at 8pm. Used chunks until 11 pm and then used amazn pellet tube which lasts about 7 hours. Thats plenty of smoke for me. No need to get up and check. Can get a good night sleep and food is ready around 1 to 2 in the afternoon depending on cooker temp.
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    What you read about was the AMNS. The original one made for only Dust. It's only good for up to 180* or 200*. If you have it in at 230* it will more than likely jump across rows, and could burn the whole thing up in less than an hour.

    That's why the AMNPS was designed mainly to burn pellets. That one works at higher temps, and has specially designed interior walls to keep one row from igniting the next row.

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    This page exactly matches the page in my manual, which accompanied my smoker that was delivered last week.

    I wonder if they put an old manual in a brand new product? That seems unlikely.

    I don't know the answer about the vent.

    I smoked my first ribs this weekend using the 2-2-1 method.

    I kept the damper closed the whole time and I had the water pan filled.

    The cloud that came out when I opened the door was NOT steam, because steam doesn't sting your eyes like that.

    My ribs came out tender and delicious. 

    I had smoke coming out of the chip adding hole the whole time I was smoking the ribs. (which I did the first 2 hours).

    I plan to try my next batch with the damper 100% open and see what the difference is.

    Then perhaps I can give a more logical response to the difference it creates.
  9. Thank you so much for pointing out the differences Bear!  Truly appreciated!  I will be most likely purchasing one here soon.  The price is perfect.  I am curious though, I had already bought several bags of wood chips for the MBES, can I use those chips in the AMNPS?  Obviously not overfilling it, but laying them out so that it follows the trail within the AMNPS?   Also another question would be, where do I place the AMNPS?   Do I not concern myself with it having to be on contact with the heating element?  Or do I just manually light the wood/pellets through the lighting port holes on the AMNPS?  

    Thanks again for bearing with all my questions :)  
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    Sounds Great !!! What ever works for you---Use it !!

    Ribs will like more moisture than most items. They are one of the easiest to dry out.

    It only takes a little smoke from drippings or what ever mixed with a lot of steam to burn your eyes.

    The smoke was coming out the chip dumper hole because it couldn't get out the closed top vent.

    Keep us posted-----I find this stuff very interesting!!

  11. bearcarver

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    You are very welcome!!

    I don't think chips will work in an AMNPS. Save the chips for if your AMNPS runs out & you only want another half hour or hour of smoke, throw some chips in the chip drawer, instead of having to reload & restart your AMNPS.

    Keep your AMNPS away from the heating element---Light it with a torch---Lot's of posts with tips on lighting one properly.

    I would have to know which MES you have to be able to tell you the best place to put it.

  12. I have the latest build, or revision 2 of the MBES 30" smoker.  The one with the digital gauge at the front of the top of the unit and new front bottom center drain pan.   You can also from this photo how the insides look :)   Dont mind the food in it ;)  

    I hope that helps to give you some idea?     Thanks again for all your help sir!   
  13. Dave, I intend to get one of those Amaze-n products soon, Living on a disability income it is not easy though.  I do want to make some bacon and smoke some cheese and such, so in time I will get one.


    My last smoke, just this past Saturday, I had soaked the chips for a day or two mid week, then emptied out the water, Let them sit in my shed out of the jar for a day, then put back in the jar and sealed it up.  I was using a old large Pickle jar and sealed it up for two days before smoking.  Chips were just damp, I found they worked perfectly.
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    OK----I don't have that one, but I have something I would try:

    Remove that little water pan from below the square hole. Leave the hole clear of any foil. Set the AMNPS on top of the square hole, so air can come up through that hole to give air to the AMNPS. Then put a small foil pan on the bottom shelf (above the AMNPS) to keep drips off of the AMNPS.

    Try that, and see how it works.

  15. GeddyLee, you are gonna love your food a lot more once your smoker is seasoned a bit.  I have forgotten that the walls of the smoker used to be silver.  :)

    Have fun - looks like you are on the right track.  I am a n00b and am loving everything that comes out of my smoker so far!
  16. New to this site but in my experiences with the MES I am replying to the vent position that is that I tend to open and close the damper throughout the whole time the meat is in but the last hour I close the damper and I usually add chips when I fires put the meat in and then every two to three hours. I always smoke my ribs at least no less then ten hours (6 slabs) at 190-220 anything on the wood chips you should add them to the desired taste of how much smoke flavor you like>
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    Ummm, what?
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    I'm leaving it open for my next entire smoke to see the difference. I'm smoking the whole time through the 3-2-1, and like everything else I read some folks do and some folks don't. Talk about your inexact science!
  19. Hello,
    I have been following the various dialog on vent positions on Masterbuilt 30" and 40". I recently got my Masterbuilt 40" NEW GENERATION (part # 20070512)smoker and on page 3 of the manual it does talk about the vent on the side of the unit. On the OLD GENERATION version that vent is on the top. I don't have that unit or it's manual so I can't say what the manual says.
    My first attempt smoking chicken thighs and legs, leaving the vent closed, for me, creates too much moisture and the chicken seemed rubber. It was over smoked , just way too smokey. The second try I left the vent open and what a difference. Mildly smokey, and very tender meat. Ditto for my St. Louis ribs, they came out great. I guess the best way for each individual is try it both ways and you will then know which works best for you.
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    Totally agree!! I keep mine closes while bringing it up to desires temp. Then once I start smoking I open it up about 3/4. Works for me.

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