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    I have changed my setup in my smoker, and I now get 2 or so hours out of the fist sized chunks I use. I haven't been on this site for quite a while, so I apologize for not responding for what is over a month. I will get pictures posted as soon as I get the time.
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    Just bought the Dual Fuel Two Door model from Home Depot. Assembly is a snap. It is Ten in Colorado and just did the manufacturers seasoning man can not wait for that smoked pork loin tomorrow.
  3. Enjoy
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    Looking to get this two door smoker. Wondering if people have used the amnts in it? I recently bought that for my day to day gas grill and have heard it may produce too much smoke. any ideas?
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    I use the cast iron skillet for my wood chunks, and set the pan right on top of the "chimney" cylinder that protects the burner.  Ran that way probably 6-8 times with no issues.  Only downside I can see is that I can't see the flame too well when I open the door to add more chunks...but there is still a peep hole I can see it just right.

    If you raise the pan at all, you'd have to raise the water pan too, because I barely can flip the chunks in as it is.  I have not gone to the trouble of getting a different water pan though, I use the stock one and it works OK.  Maybe this winter when I get more time I can get handy and make something better.
  6. elsos

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    I've had my MasterBuilt Pro (Propane) from Home Depot for about 10 months now and really like it.

    Haven't tried to burn only charcoal because I don't like to spend that much time tinkering with temps when cooking. I like to do other things at the same time, not be tied to the smoker.

    But I've seen temps fluctuate around a lot I think because of the thin metal sides. So what I've done is put a 10" square patio brick on the lower rung and it really has helped stabilize the temps!

    I love the fact it has a couple wheels to move it around and out from under the patio, plus if the wind is blowing I can move it to accommodate that.

    It does flare up the wood in the burner at times, and the way around that has been just getting the flames away, or use the A-Maze-N pellet smoker.

    My 3 gripes:

    1) Thermometer on door is apparently just decoration, I have a Maqverick ET-732 thermo and love it now.

    2) The cooking area is only 12"x12", so unless you cut your ribs in half, diagonal they will sit taking up one of the four shelves.

    3) I happily use an A-Maze-N pellet smoker, but I think there just isn't enough oxygen to keep it consistently lit properly when its inside the smoker.

    I made a little offset for the A-Maze-N that jams into the side vent, and it seems to work wonderfully. (no patent pending, haha)

  7. smokingjoejoe

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    Haha. that's an awesome mod!  Do you disconnect the "attachment" prior to moving the unit?  Why is your AMNPS going out?  Are you sure you're lighting it correctly. It seems like a lot of other guys on here have it dialed and works just great.  Could be the position of the smoker box too?  I'm curious if the AMNTS (tube) smoker from Todd would work ok in this thing or if it woo would go out?  I've heard that thing puts off too much smoke for the smoker - which I don't mind.
  8. elsos

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    You could be right, I might not be letting in enough air for the AMNTS (the square one), but I'm not sure where to put it inside then. I've played around with it a few different places (learned not too close to flames though).

    I don't think the AMNTS put out too much smoke; it is a perfect nice thin blue smoke from what I usually see. (Desert dweller here, so maybe that's a part of it?)

    For the Smoke-elator (no trademark pending) I went to the Depot and picked up this plastic dryer vent connection thing (DryerDock Vent Hose Quick Connect) for about $7, and some short metal flex duct. Originally I used an inverted plastic bowl from the Dollar store to capture the smoke, but on a nice breezy day the AMNTS ignited and the flames melted the bowl and that side of the connection all into a nice plastic mess on my AMNTS. (side note: I am now even more of a fan of the AMNTS because for about 10 minutes, I used a blow torch to completely burn the plastic from it and it was strong and stayed the course during that brutal burn time)

    So in the above picture you see the white disc attached over the round side vent, using magnets glued to it and the lower side I decided to go with the dollar store cheap tin pan with duct tape to cover the AMNTS and capture smoke. And the current style of the Smoke-elator was born! My motto here is cheap and duplicatable.

  9. smokingjoejoe

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    Check out this post on how to light the AMNPS

    As for the location, I know some guys on here have it above the water tray, or just below. Ask around.

    I believe you have the square model, which is actually the AMNPS and not AMNTS (tube version; which I have).  I found "Roddy" on the site has the same smoker (amnts)  and it works great for him.  Glad it does as I was a little worried that I purchased something that may not be used in the right/best environment.

    Kudos on the mod.  It may just catch on.  I was interested in adding a smoker stack to this (or any smoker).  Make it more of a chimney to let out extra smoke - if you needed to.
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    Elsos, hi from hot and dry Phoenix. I have the 2 door MB and don't have a problem keeping my AMNPS going after relighting it at least twice. Recently the AMNPS has been starting at the end of the second row  for some reason so I'm getting double the smoke. The AMNPS is on the rack with a water pan. My model only has the one vent at the top back rear and you can see from the picture I added gasket on the top door because of the smoke leak and I'm still able to keep the AMNPS going for a number of hours. I do have the original pan on the flame chamber with one of the opening closed  and an  8" frying pan so it gets oxygen and air to the AMNPS from the bottom for a good flow to the vent area. I've had my MB since June and am looking forward to smoking this winter. 

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  11. thatcho

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    Here are some beginner pics using my week old MB dual fuel smoker. I have just ventured into smoking meats after these attempts i feel a lil bit more confident.

  12. Lookin Good
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  13. hi i have a LX 40 can sou put pictures on here 

    so i can see how you did it 

    thanks frank 68[​IMG]  
  14. thatcho

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    Frank,Go to the search tool bar on main page. Type in how to post pics, click first link. there is a post that has a link just follow that. Or what i did was ask my Facebooking wife she had it figured out in a jiff. Me vs technology not
  15. I use the amnps in my two door. I tried the cast iron method first and when that failed I removed the chip tray, inverted the cast iron skillet on the right side of the smoker and placed the pellet smoker on top of that. Works like a charm.
  16. elsos

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    Techmedic -
    Its not too hot making it burn up quick? I'll try that with my ampns on the side. Should get good air next to the vent.
  17. It's on the far right rear side and the only pellets that have burned quickly were oak, but it wasn't very full anyways. I always have great TBS and great smoke times.
  18. Just picked up one of these from Home Depot yesterday. Breaking her in per the instructions as I type. Can't wait to try my hand at it. Plan on doing a brisket for my first smoke on Tuesday. The build quality is great on this thing. Lots of great info in this thread (have read every page). Plan on getting a needle valve ASAP, already have a small cast iron skillet. Cheers.
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  19. Good luck. I bought a two door mb in june and so far so good. I've mainly smoked fish to this point. This site has been a lot of help.
  20. ozzy2

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    I have the 30 inch Masterbuilt propane had it for about a year and its started burning orange .Tried a new regulator, hose and tank fitting cleaned the burner and still soot factory!

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