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  1. having tough time deciding to flip the 250 propane tank and use the bottom end for the top, the support feet are a bit rotted away,  this was my original idea anyway.  the second issue is the dimensions for the doors. i like the idea of two doors with 4 total pull out racks. i was thinking 9 or 10 inches up from bottom to fit my first set of racks and the the heat plate between this, any help will be great! i have been studying this site for months and just cant pull the trigger!!!!!!!![​IMG]
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  3. i understand all of this calculator info, how far (high) should the first cooking rack be from the RF plate this would determin the bottom cut of my doors ????????
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    First off I am no builder, I do however read the builds, to gather info for when I build my next smoker. I would think you need enough room for a disposable foil pan to catch most of the drips. On the other hand I have seen builds where they put a slope to the plate to a drain, so a drip pan would not be needed. I am mainly thinking out loud here. One of the builders will be along shortly and will give you much better advice then I can give. 
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    4-6" is fairly common.
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    The distance between the rack and the RF plate has a lot to do with the thickness of the RF plate, the size of the smoker, and the use of the smoker.  The thicker the metal you use for the RF plate the closer you can get.  We use mostly 3/16 for the RF plate, and in patio size smokers we run it at 5 inches above the plate.  Anything over 48 inches long, and we move it down to 4 inches.  The reason for this is the amount of radiant heat.  If you have plenty of room, then having a higher radiant heat spot on the firebox end is nice for when your doing steaks, burgers, and yard birds.  Now if your more of a very low and slow guy then move the grates farther away.  Personally I like not having to stay up all night to smoke a Brisket. =)
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Looks like most of the builds i have studied, i think this should work out well. This is about an inch less than 1/4 of the diamater at the top.

    Thank for all the info guys
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    Good luck! Looking forward to more pics. [​IMG]
  10. If I hear you right for placement of the door, this is what I did. I found center line of the tank. That's where I put the bottom larger grate to get the deepest grilling surface. Then I had the door cut out low enough to have slide out grills. Then I divided the upper distance in half for the top grill.  I also made the door 1/4 of the circumference of the tank. These dimensions work on any diameter tank. If you wanted you could make the cutout larger. I didn't and the door doesn't go to the top of the tank. But it's what you want. Hope this helps.
  12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]got alot done after i fixed my screw up

  13. I'm using an old Craftsman stick welder my boss has, 6011 rods @ 175 amp, alot of splatter, but decent penetration. Is 7014 a cleaner choice, this tank thickness is like 1/4 in
  14. I keep trying to put some pics up, but they must be reviewed first!
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    looks nice. Try 6013 rods and it should reduce the splatter. Keep the pic coming too. Good luck!

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