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  1.  A blond strolls into a library, walks up to the librarian and says "I'll have a cheeseburger, fries and a coke please." The librarian says to the blond "mam this is a library.' The blond says in a whisper, "I'm sorry, I'll have a cheeseburger, fries and a coke please.'
  2. Geez I'm knockin em dead with this one, I guess it's funnier in non written form. This is one of my few clean jokes.[​IMG]
  3. ou8one2

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    Just told this one to everyone at a small gathering I had and they all cracked up!
  4. dforbes

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    It made me laugh out loud, The wife says whats so funny, she is laughing to. Of coarse shes not blond.
  5. meateater

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    Must be all blonds here! [​IMG]
  6. scarbelly

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    Good one Steve.

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