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    So recently I had a close family friend contact me about wanting a custom smoker built. I have always been a hands on type guy and agreed to build him a smoker. I literally had no design to go off of and everything that went into designing the smoker came from my head with a few things written down. I will attach pictures but keep in my I started with nothing and had to assemble the axel and springs along with cutting the metal and welding it together. It smokes wonderfully with allowing heat adjustment and has drains to allow washing out the insides. I won't show pictures of the inside due to there being some unique things that I want to keep to myself. However in each of the two big doors there are 3 racks each inside that slide out and are 2 foot wide by 3 foot deep. The middle racks are warming racks that also slide out. You can also have two different types of wood burning for flavor and close off the warming racks. Also it has new fenders instead of the ones in the picture. I have also added a few things such as dampened on the fire boxes. The demons ions of the whole thing are 6 foot wide and 10 foot long. The fire boxes are 2x2 foot.
    Let me guys know what y'all think and if you were to purchase it how much it would run on the market.
  2. Good looking rig!! Like the dual Fireboxes and cook chambers, 2 Smokers for the price of one.


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