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    Here is some Chicken Sausage with Basil & Sun Dried Tomato, do not have plated pics yet, but shall do so soon, I promise.  These are in the freezer right now.

    Plain Old hotdogs, Chicken/Pork/Beef mixture.....poached in 160 degree water, ready to plating pics, but they are quite tasty.  I think this will be the recipe I use from now on out.  I have made these 3 times now, the last two tasted exactly the same.  My friends at work are quite impressed, the one comment I love the best is; you don't even need to put ketchup or mustard on these, they are so full of flavor!!

    Fought on an off with temps in my Smoke Hollow smoker....but end result not too shabby....these guys are ready for a warm bath and ready to come to room temp!

    After a 24 hour sleep in the fridge.  When I get home from work tonight, cut one open and see how she goes.....this temperature thing has been really bugging me.  I want to test them before I give them to anybody.....really kind of sucks, I was doing good at keeping the temp around 155-160 for 5 hours, and then I accidently closed the door to my smoker (I had it opened about a 1/8 of and vents on my electric smoker) went back outside an hour later to change out wood chips and seen the temp had jumped to 200 degrees......internal temp was 160......hit it about 3 hours too soon.....afraid they might be dry......2pounds Elk, 2 pounds Pork, 1 Pound Beef....all very lean......we'll see..
  2. Looks good. What smoker do you have that doesn't have a vent?

    Happy smoken.

  3. Man that looks great, wish I had some

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    Its an old Smoke Hollow Electric has a vent, a little tiny hole about the size of a pencil.....but it remains open all the time....I suppose I could cover it with foil to close it....haha, but other than that.....that is it!!

    Thanks for the compliments guys!   I did end up stripping the casings off the snack sticks....they just didn't taste right....they slide off super easy.  My son, who is a chef, told me I needed more fat in my mix, that is why they were a bit dry, and the fact that my temp the last hour got to high....

    Live and learn, live and learn!!

    ~ Scooter

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