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    Hi , I have been dabbling in the slow and low cooking with charcoal over the last 6months, my friends and family love the results.

    Especially with the magic dust that gets rubbed on.

    Me, i reckon i can do better if i upgrade my tools, I was just using a cheap old 20 inch webber "style" BBQ using indirect cooking.

    I could still keep it at 250 for 16hrs straight.

    So i started looking at builds, after quite a long time i finally got round to designing a fire box 18"wide, 14"deep, 20"high, 6"pipe at the top.

    1/4" (6mm) steel, corners fill welded and ground

    the intake is now now cut in the left side

    Initials plasma cut in the side

    Then I had to build a cage for the cubes

    Even though i work at a very large steel company and all the steel and plasma time is free, I am still stuck on what top to build.

    So I stuck the old webber on top

    This picture is after a few hrs seasoning session with hard wood.

    First cook using the filled basket above and a small 4pound shoulder was pretty impressive.

    No temperature spikes, drops, only one small leak at the top of the door which is now fixed.

    What I am planning on building is a sort of reverse flow T style drum smoker

    measurements are in metric, sorry.

    The lines on the side are for the baffle plates,small hole at the back is for chimney, basically this sits on the top of the firebox.

    I am still undecided whether to go for a more traditional style side box style.

    Opinions welcome.

    Nearly forgot
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    Pretty impressive on the build Max....but mmm....very interested in that awesome looking sammy! Would love for you to expand on that...
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    That burger tasted real nice, from the bottom up, hot Hungarian salami slices, hash brown, smoked then char grilled bacon, grilled Pattie with secret ingredients, tasty cheese, runny egg, obligatory green thing, beetroot, on a cheese and bacon bun and a side of wedges, I'm pretty sure that there are onions in there some where, good times..
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    Love it! Thanks for the description! Welcome to the forum!
  5. Hello and welcome to SMF from a sunny East Texas, pretty cool since the material and cutting is free, take your time and do some research to see what fits your needs and be sure and post pictures of your build as you go.  good looking samich 

    Gary S

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