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  1. Read in an older post about sharpening knives used for slicing on a coarse stone. Would an India stone be O K ???  Ernie
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    My personal preference is to use a coarse stone if you have some bad knicks or a very dull edge and then progress to finer stones. If I just want to get a good edge back, I use a fine stone.
  3. Thank you for your input, Purgatory, I appreciate it. Ernie
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    I use 2 Japanese water stones that are mounted in a plastic stand,one coarse ,one medium.Finish on a steel.
    I did a little 3 hour hands on course at a Japanese knife store here.
    Much cleaner than oil stones, I can post a pic of stones if that helps.
  5. 1/2" X 30" belt sander first with 5x then leather belt to strop it takes 1 minute or less to a razor edge.
  6. Really depends on the quality of knife you have, and level of "dullness". Can't take a cheap thin blade knife to a coarse stone, ( or a thin stone for that matter). First you must decipher the quality of the blade and the steel and find if it will stand up to a quality sharpening, If so, if you have deep nicks, you could certainly hone them out with a coarse stone, followed by progressively finer grits to a fine hone. If you just need to bring back the edge, a quality sharpener should do the trick. A simple inexpensive knife sharpening tool " old timers hand down trick" is simply a pice of true ceramic tile, broken, knife edge run across at proper angle. Better than most manufactured sharpeners, if you know what you're doing.
  7. Thanks,Moikel. Would appreciate picture. Ernie

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