Kielbasa made with Boykjo's (Joe) Seasoning Mix - OUTSTANDING!!!!!

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  1. As many of you know, I've been getting food ready for the upcoming Elk and Waterfowl hunting seasons. Joe (Boykjo) sent me some of his kielbasa seasoning mix a while back and I've just had time to mix some up. This is only the second time I've made kielbasa, the first was from a recipe that Jalan43, quite a while ago. 

    I mixed up 5 lbs (he sent me enough to do 10 lbs) ground pork butt with 1/2 the seasoning mix ( weighed the total amount and just halved that). The only thing I did differently was to add a couple tablespoons crushed red pepper flakes instead of the cheese and jalapenos and I cold smoked it. 

    We cooked it with German Sauerkraut and Pork (only because I'm not a huge fan of Kielbasa). Needless to say, I didn't eat any pork!!! That is some of the best kielbasa I've had and I will be mixing up the remaining 5 lbs this week along with another 5 lbs of Jalan43's recipe for comparison!!!

    Stuffed into Hog Casings

    After coming out of the cold smoke (smoked with 60/40 Cherry and Mesquite)

    The finished shot!

    Thanks for looking and many Thanks to Joe for the seasoning!!!!
  2. scarbelly

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    Those look great Alesia. I bet they were tasty  
  3. s2k9k

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    That looks Awesome! I love kielbasa!!!
  4. Looks great!

  5. sam3

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    Looks fantastic! Great and helpful people on this site too.
  6. Thanks guys! Like I said, I'm not a huge kielbasa lover (usually drown it in some kind of bbq sauce) but these were great. Not over powering or "funny tasting" like commercial ones. So far I've liked Joe's seasoning and Jalan43's recipe.
  7. fpnmf

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    I love Joes secret recipe kielbasa!!!!''

  8. driedstick

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    Very nice 
  9. Thank you!
    Yea tell me about it...I PM'd him to see what it would cost me for the recipe or the pre-made mix
  10. mballi3011

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    I don't have his (joe's) secert recipe but if he's sell it........I do know that his keilbasa is really good.
  11. It was really good, I even gave some to a family friend and he and his boys loved it. I PM'd Joe to see about buying the recipe or the mix, just so I can get some more! 
  12. roller

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    Looks great and I would try it but I don`t have any secret mix....[​IMG]
  13. Thank you and I sent you a PM!

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