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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jldalseg, May 3, 2014.

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    I recently did some pork spare ribs using Jeff's coffee brine and rub recipe from Story Q. Worked really well, you could taste the coffee but it wasn't over powering. Although everyone said they like the original rub better, there weren't any left overs.
    After 3 hours, ready to be wrapped
    After 2 hours in foil pan with small amount of apple juice.
    After 1 hour with finishing glaze put on at 15,30, and 45 minute marks.
    Good smoke ring, very tender, and they disappeared quickly.
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    I was actually wondering about the coffee brine & rub for my next rib smoke. They do look quite good, but the original rub is also my family's they are reluctant to having me screw around with their ribs too much! LOL
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  3. Interesting. It may be better on beef. Do you have the recipe?

    BTW: I am a paying member of the site and have Jeff's recipe. So if you just want to provide the amount of coffee needed, that will work as well. Thanks
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