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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by iowabrad, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. iowabrad

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    I'd like to say thanks for letting me in!
    I'm 30 and of course from Iowa. I work in the construction industry where I do sewer work. I like fishing, hunting, drinking beer and of course eating good! Im happily married and have a little one that is my world.
    I received my first smoker 3 years ago for Xmas. It was a electric smoker by master built. Really not impressed with how it works. It's just not to my standards. I'm trying to find my next unit, thinking wood burning side box. I love learning this newer addiction. I hope to learn more here.
  2. tropics

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    Brad welcome to SMF Check out the weber Minis they can produce some of the best food.Easy to build

  3. iowabrad

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    Does the direct heat with all webers impact the smoking process or how do they really work?
  4. tropics

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    With my Mini I can hold 225 to 350 with no problem.Check out some of the threads, on cooks that were done in a mini.Don't go by just me I am sure some of the stick guys will be along.Do a lot of reading.

  5. zjaybird

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    IowaBrad.......raised near Lake Okoboji here

    Your question to Tropics is a good point.  The heat will affect the food and the smoking by cooking too fast if you don't limit it.  By reading thru the post you will see where people either use diffusers or water pans to suppress the heat from the source to keep the unit around 220-240.

    Mini can be mini-wsm

    or UDS/mini UDS     

    I did a lot of reading and used ideas from everyone's post to build my UDS's.   There is a wealth of knowledge here, just take the time and ask questions.  You will be one of those someday helping others.

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  6. iowabrad

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    Thanks jaybird

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