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  1. Hello everyone, 

    My name is Jason, living in Dallas Texas. I have been looking at this site for all my smoking/grilling needs recently. If i am about to try something new I look here for times and temps. I am new to the smoking part although i know many people that have been doing it for years. I finally found my new hobby. I currently have a char griller charcoal grill that i been using and only putting lump charcoal or briquets on one side while using mesquite chunks. Its time to step up my game. I am currently going to purchase the Old country bbq pecos smoker or the wrangler which is shorter length wise but has an upper grate. Any suggestions on which one would be better? the wrangler is also thicker steel. Anyway thank yall for this great website and ill see you around. 
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  3. Hey Jason, welcome to the site. See what fits your needs the best, Thicker metal hols heat better and last longer, but make sure the size and style fits your needs.

    Gary S

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