immediate help needed with pulled pork!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by audioxtremes, May 26, 2008.

  1. audioxtremes

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    I made some awesome tasting pulled pork yesterday in the smoker pulled at 140 then in the oven wrapped till 200 then rested for an hour. Pulled and added the sites finishing sauce and it was amazing. Well I stored it for today cause I have all the racks full with ribs today so I cooked it yesterday. Well it seems real dry!

    Short story I need to reheat my pulled pork what to put on it? Apple juice? More finishing sauce? Bbq sauce? Thanks!
  2. A bit of finishing sauce and cover it in the pan. About 250 in the oven. Did you save any of the de-fatted meat juice? That's the ideal thing to pour in there.
  3. audioxtremes

    audioxtremes SMF Premier Member

    I didn't save any of the juices. I darnsure should have. I do have the fat left over. I could cook it down for a little more juice/grease.
  4. ron50

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    I wouldn't add any fat, the meat has enough. Of course it is dry, it's been in the fridge and any juices have congealed. Heat it in the oven in a foil pan, spritz with a little apply juice or finishing sauce. Don't use too much finishing sauce as it breaks down the meat a little and too much can make it mushy. Cover with foil. Heat it right before you serve or if the smoker is emty by then you can do the same thing in the smoker and add another layer of smokey taste.
  5. That stuff's liquid GOLD! Always save the juice! If you have a de-fatting cup it's great..or just pour in a bowl and hit the freezer for a half hour...fat will come right off the gelatin/juice mix.
  6. audioxtremes

    audioxtremes SMF Premier Member

    After the ribs come out of the smoker the brats and deer tenderloin medallions go in. So I just threw it all in a 5qt crock Pot on low with a half cup of finishing sauce on top. When I pulled it out of the bowl all the fat and juices were conjealed on the nottem so there is some hope. Thanks all!
  7. I let all my juices run out of my smoker into a can at the bottom, is that what your taking about keeping? Where do I find the recipe for the finnishing sauce?
  8. I agree with all that have posted, seens how yall don't have any meat juice, I'd use a bit a apple juice cut with water ifin its to strong fer ya, or ya could use a bit a apple cider, mix it all tagether in a pan an inta the oven at bout 225 er 250 till its nice an warm, yall wanta be over 140 degree's and able ta maintain that temp ifin it's gonna sit any length a time.

    I add very little finishin sauce in the beginnin, just enough ta flavor the meat. I put some in a squirt bottle an let folks add it as they like. I also make up my own version of the mahogany sauce an serve that on the side as well. Good luck with yer feed!

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