I'm Joining the Ranks of Pellet Pit Owners

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by seenred, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    I have really been wanting a pellet grill for quite some time.  Well, I went and did it today...after literally weeks of researching, comparing, reading reviews, and waffling, I ordered a REC TEC today.  They have been on back order for a while, but tell me that they should begin shipping tomorrow (back orders first), and that mine should ship out tomorrow or Wednesday.  Hopefully I'll have it  by week's end or early next week.

    I've spent around 45 minutes in 2 different calls on the phone with Ben in sales, and 20 minutes on the phone with Ron, one of the owners, and I feel real good about the customer service I can expect from this company.  And I'm confident I'm gonna get a great product for the money.

    Those of you who own one of these pits, I will welcome any tips and advice.

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  2. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    Congratulations!  I looked them up and they look beautiful.  Many pellet owners supplement the smoke, i assume you will do the same?
  3. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Thanks, FWIsmoker!  I'm pretty fired up about it.  Yeah, I'll likely try my AMNPS and see how it works in the Rec Tec.  If necessary, I can probably count on Todd to give me some advice.  I believe there are other pellet rig operators who use the Tube smoker in their pits, and it seems like I remember Todd posting somewhere that the Rec Tec people were talking with him about carrying the Tubes as a Rec Tec accessory.  I'll just experiment and see how it goes (That's part of the fun of a new pit!).

  4. smokingrk

    smokingrk Smoke Blower

    Red, Great to see you pulled the trigger.  REC-TEC was my first choice before I ran into Yoder. I actually saw one in person here in CT and they are really nice.  Enjoy, hope to see some Q-Views soon. 
  5. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Hey red, congratulations. I've had a Traeger for a couple years now and like it a lot. It is a bit short on smoke flavor but with the addition of the tube smoker it is pretty much perfect as a set and forget cooker. REC TEC is a real nice unit.
  6. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Thanks, SmokinGrk!  I'm tracking my shipment right now, UPS says it will be delivered on Thursday...can't wait!
    Thanks, geerock!  I currently only have Todd's AMNPS.  I'm gonna give it a try first and see how it performs, but I suspect I'll be adding a tube to my arsenal before its all said and done.  One of the things that sold me on the Rec Tec is that they are supposed to give pretty good smoke at up to 225*, but I'll be using an A-Maze-N a lot, I'm sure.

  7. ctsooner

    ctsooner Newbie

    I'm up in Berlin and was wondering if you saw the Yoder at a dealer?  If so, where?  I am looking at MAK, Yoder, Rec Tec, Louisiana, GMG, Royall and I think that's it.  I really like the Yoder based on folks who own them and I like Rec Tec for the same reasons.  I have a dealer in MN who is willing to give me a good deal on the GMG or Country Smokers and that's why I am considering them too.  Also the same with the Royall.  I look forward to your response.  Thanks.
  8. smokingrk

    smokingrk Smoke Blower

    CT, I might be mistaken, when I was looking at GMG I used the FIND DEALER and two popped up in CT, one in Milford close to me, and one in I thinkn New Milford. At work right now so cannot look it up.
  9. ctsooner

    ctsooner Newbie

    Yes, I have noticed the dealers.  I think I will try to spend the extra and go with Yoder or Rec Tec. I'd love to see either in person first just to get an idea.  I may be able to do a MAK, but it would have to be the 2star General and that's most probably going to be wayyyyy out of my price range.  Looks like a great unit with the cold smoke box and ease of use.  I like the controller too, but the Rec Tec and Yoder have wonderful controllers too, so that wont' be a problem.  I want to use remote thermometers though and in the Yoder or Rec Tec I think I'd have to put high heat pass throughs in.  I noticed a thread on this forum about doing that.  I was hoping to get one where you can have the therm attached to the controller.  Oh well.
  10. everett

    everett Newbie

    I just bought a traeger Texas yesterday, I also did allot of research and believe the tex-rec is an awesome setup however traeger has been in business for a long time and will continue the market. Not knowing how long these other company's will continue to market is the question and concern that led to my decision to purchase my traeger..
  11. ctsooner

    ctsooner Newbie

    I think Yoder will be around forever as will MAK and a few others.  I also think that there will be too many and the market will adjust.  Most use off the shelf parts.  You're right, Traeger will be around for the long haul.

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