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  1. When I got my iGrill (won it in a contest) it came with two food probes. Last night as I settled the cooker in for an overnight butt cook, when the probe I placed in the butt hit 70* it start bouncing all around.  This AM I decided to plug it back it to see how close I am to the finish line.  Same thing. I'll bet I fried it when I grilled some filets the other night for SWMBO. Am I looking at a new probe order in my future or is there a fix to these things?
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    Dang....not fun!  Could you call the company and ask?  Just wondering.  Are you having furlough Fridays like Lynn?

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    The food probes are not made for as high of temps as the ambient temp probes for I grill are!  sounds like you got it to hot!
  4. Yes. I like the time off but not the 20% pay cut.  I know many folks lost their jobs in this economy so I can't complain too much.
    I thought so...I figured I'd order an ambient temp probe as a replacement.
  5. I've had two go bad on my iGrill .... I called and they replaced one for free... Other than that, it works great!
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