I need a recipe for sausage that is to be used for......

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  1. I am an Ontario Canada Native, who through my travels through the southern USA as a truck driver, I came across and learned to love Biscuits and Gravy.  That is one dish found no where in this area.  Although I have used Italian sausage to make this, It is not what I had down south.

    Anybody have recipe for sausage I could use in Biscuits and Gravy?  I have a Pork Butt sitting in the fridge downstairs, just begging to mixed with some spices and turned in a delicious meal.
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    Listen, there is nothing better than bisquits and sausage, or eggs and sausage, or toast and sausage,  sausage gravy and hot bisquits, pancakes and sausage, waffles and sausage, etc. etc. etc.


    For being as simple a recipe as this is, its totally awesome. And his proportions are perfect!

    Try a little and taste it, I swear you'll say, "Thats it". I have decided that if it has Pop's name on it, it can't be beat!

    My Pop said it was like his Daddy's, Of course I like links and stuffed a bunch in sheep casing. Everytime I make sausage anything, any extra (left over is made into breakfast sausage). I have even started grinding left over chops....LOL Sausage annd bisquits is better than sirloin chops and bisquits!


    I have thought about putting it up in those plastic chub bags, I have not been able to get the sausage to last long in the freezer, so its usually a sausage feeding frenzy for a few days.

    I have got to say, hot homemade bisquits and sausage gravy...... I have to unbutton my my pants before sitting down. Even the heartburn is awesome....LOL!
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  4. The foundation of a great sausage gravy is....well....the sausage. And the foundation to a good breakfast sausage is simplicity. Use Pop's mix as posted by Foam. The ONLY  thing I might add to that mix is a little cayenne....because I like things hot.
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    That is the old time country sausage I grew up eating.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    the only thing I can add to this is... I too am a Pop's Country Sausage fanatic ... for our taste.. I cut the salt WAYYYY back ... and then add about an extra 1/4 of an oz. (3/4oz) of the mix to 1 LB of meat.... we tend to like it a little more sagey and peppery ... I would suggest for your first batch of this to cut all the ingredients in half to make just a half a batch... as a whole batch makes "A LOT" of sausage... if it's not what your looking for then you won't be out of a whole batch of seasoning ....

    what ever ground meat is left over from making snack sticks and sausage I make up into Pop's country breakfast sausage... I will make up patties and lay them out on wax paper on a cookie sheet and freeze them before vacuum sealing 3 to a pack (1 for the wife and 2 for me) for a single serving... I will also make little chubs (1/2-3/4 lb).. use saran wrap to roll it up and then hold ends and keep twisting to tighten up the chub... freeze then as well before vacuum sealing...

    but yes, this is the recipe your looking for to make that GREAT sausage gravy (chunky for us) and biscuits....
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    Wow, I am starting to see a trend here..... LOL
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    Agree with those above, it's darn good.

    I do add approx. 3.8 grams of crushed red pepper per pound to some of the sausage when I make it.  I prefer the heat, my wife does not.


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