I envy you Canadian boyz

Discussion in 'Fish' started by speedway73, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Nice smoke house. I'd like to know more about this exact set up.

  2. gnubee

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    What's to know, He built a green alder fire let it burn down to coals, covered the coals with sand. Every once in a while he checks and if the temp is getting too hot or the smoke not quite right he wets down the sand to cool the smoke a bit. Many racks of filleted red salmon ( looked like Sockeye to me ) .

    That smokehouse was a tad small by West coast standards, I have seen a one bedroom house converted to a smoke house aprox 600 sq feet. for doing thousands of salmon at a time.

    The guy in the video is too cheap to add another board to the narrow walkway so he had to shimmy sidways to check on the salmon. Hence all the grunting. Also He's too cheap to oil the hinges.

    Cool video anyways.
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    Small or large thats some good lookin salmon there. The wifes mouth would really be watering now. She loves the stuff.
  4. Alaska is one of the states it is not part of canada even though it should be
  5. Geographically maybe..

    But the fact is we bought it for $7.2 million (1.9cents per acre) from the Russians so it is all ours!!!!!!![​IMG]

    We can hold almost 3 Texas states and have more coastline than the lower 48 combined.

    You are welcome to visit from Canada. Please bring your $$ [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Ditto.Spent 5 and 6 grade in alaska.Besides the canadians talk funny[​IMG]

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