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    WYO1 here, I've been smoking in a Cajun Injector stainless 2 door for two years now and have just purchased a Masterbuilt 40" 2.5 gen. I've already contacted Tom about getting a AMNPS 5x8 before I even get it assembled. I've mainly enjoyed smoking pork ribs and pork roasts along with quite a few chickens. My gas smoker suffered a Wyoming wind tip over this fall and I haven't got it tweaked back to a good sealing position (part of the reason for the MES). I work for GE on locomotives and have found great relief in smoking with the ol gasser. My youngest (4 yo) has asked for possession of the "old smoker" and when asked what he'd be smoking he instantly provided an answer of ribs. So I've granted him ownership of it. Glad to have found this site as it's already been of great assistance.
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    Welcome to the site and congratulations on getting your new smoker.

    If your son starts smoking ribs at age 4 he'll be winning competitions by 12.  Keep on encouraging him.
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Congrats on the new smoker.

    How great to have a 4 year old interested in smoking.

    I can see a backyard BBQ contest happening soon!

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