How to make smoked chicken for a party?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mrsmik, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. We're having a party for my son next month, prior to his leaving for Afghanistan and I'm trying to figure out what food to make.  We have four whole chickens in the freezer and I thought it'd be cool to do something with smoked chicken . . . but what?  There won't be enough to just have "chicken" so I have to do something with it . . .

    Any ideas?


  2. eman

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    First off Thank your son from all of us for his service!!!

     now to answer your question,

     Go mexican, chicken Quessadillias chicken tacos ,chicken nachos and a chicken taco salad,

     all of these use the same basic ingrediants. and will stretch your smoked chicken.

     lettuce, sour cream , guacamole, diced tomatoes, diced purple onions .

     large and small tortillas. Cook up some refried beans and mexican rice to go along with the rest..
  3. bbqhead

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    smoked sausage and bologna is always easy and goes with chicken. good luck with your cook out.
  4. new2que

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    Thanks to our troops!

    We always do beer can chicken.  We rub the ("fresh young chickens") with olive oil and sprinkle them with Tony C's and Cavendars (greek seasoning), then we cut the top off a beer (we usually use Coors light) can and set them on it.  Balance on the pit and smoke for about 4 hours (at about 250). 

    After we smoke we pull it off the smoker and pull the meat.  It comes off very easily but is a painstaking process to make sure you've gotten all the meat from the small birds.  We did 4 birds (but had plenty of sides) for a baby shower of about 30 people and had a whole chicken left over.

    Good luck, can't wait for Qview!
  5. I've thougt about going Mexican with the chicken, but I'd like to have "normal" sides, like potato salad, cole slaw, etc., and I'm not sure how Mexican will go with that.  

    I don't have any sausage to smoke (unless you mean to smoke some brats?)  

    To New2Que, what did you do with the chicken after you pulled it off the bones?   How did you serve it?   On buns?  As BBQ?    I'm not sure that 4  chickens is going to be enough.  My son is planning on a bunch of friends, and I've fed some of them before.  I'm thinking four chickens is more of a "snack" for these boys, rather than a meal!  LOL  

    While not smoked, I'm thinking of making this Beef Brisket with BBQ Beer Sauce if I can find brisket at a decent price in addition to the chickens.  Finances are tight, so I'm hoping to keep the costs down.  

    I also have some 1 lb. packages of salmon at home (frozen) that I got for, get this, $1.00 each that I was thinking of trying to smoke and have as hors d'oeuvres (sp?)  Can you smoke frozen salmon? 
  6. alblancher

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    I like smoked chicken salad.  Cut up the chicken with a bit of mayo, diced celery, onion etc.  Works well with lettuce for salad, on bread as a sandwich or on the plate with vegs.

    Take the salmon, smoke it lightly.  Shred it, mix with a bit of sour cream, spices and serve on crackers.  Makes a great kind of fancy canape' 
  7. travcoman45

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    Smoked chicken salad always be a winner!
  8. new2que

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    We had tons of other fixins, no I certainly wouldn't try to feed tons of guys 4 young chickens!  We also had a ham.  I like the idea that ALBLANCHER had with the salmon, it sounds yum.

    Just thaw the salmon in room temp. water before smoking.

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