Hey Grandpa! What's for supper? It's done!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by radio, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Rainy yesterday, so decided to postpone the cook until today.  10 pound Brisket went in the smoke just after 05:00 this morning Texas style with nothing but SPOG.  I separated the point from the flat and only had about half a pound of fat I thought was excess and at $2.37 per pound it was a darned good buy!  I usually don't buy meat at Wally World, but saw the sale and they looked pretty good, so snagged a couple.

    Got the smoker chugging along at 235-240° trying to rush them just a bit hoping at least the flat will be ready before 7:00.  I will likely foil it with just a bit of AJ if it looks like it won't be done before my stomach gnaws at my backbone

    Just shy of 12 hours in the smoke and it is beyond yummy!  Started it pretty hot at around  240-245° for a couple of hours then cut it back to 225° for the duration and foiled for the last 3 hours and pulled it at 205°.  It still held together pretty well for slicing except for the thin end crumbled a bit.  Gotta love the smoke ring the New Braunfels and White Oak put on there[​IMG]

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    Now with Q view of the result
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    Man that looks good, well done
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    Great looking Brisket!!!
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    That is a nice looking piece of beef.


  6. That is a nice looking smoke ring  [​IMG]   Good job on the brisket  [​IMG]

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