Hello From Wylie, TX!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tonyrosen, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    I've been reading this site for a long time, and decided it's as good a time as any to join.

    I got into smoking meat a few years ago, and started out on a small Brinkmann electric smoker. Since then, I've moved on up somewhat - still on a cheap smoker, but I'm figuring it out!

    My latest obsession is smoking on a 28" grill. I've determined that's where my chickens get done from now on. They, literally, come out perfect every.single.time.

    On July 4th, 2015, I smoked my first brisket ever... WHOA ... it came out great! (it's my pic!)

    Just looking to see what else I can pick up along the way, and look forward to reading the site!

  2. bearcarver

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    Welcome Tony!![​IMG]

    That's a Beautiful Brisket----I Believe It's a Texas Thing!!![​IMG]

  3. :welcome1:
  4. Hey, Good morning from East Texas,  Wide a-wake Wylie ,  I told another member that is from Wylie but now lives in Mesquite, We used to party at Lavon back in the 60's wasn't much to Wylie back then, Come to think about it wasn't much to Mesquite back then either

    Glad you joined up


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