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  1. I finally joined a forum.  

    I have been smoking things for a couple of years, using a Brinkman 2 door ($39 from Walmart).  As usual, it had a lot of mods, and I am beginning to appreciate how poorly it holds heat, and is useless in cold weather.  My other smoker is a 20 year old, Char Broil copy of the Weber, which refuses to rust.    Probably made in America.  I finally used it again for a brisket, and it worked pretty well - I mounted it on blocks and piled dirt around the base so the open bottom was essentially buried -  and it held a steady 210-220 for about 4 hours at a clip.

    The Brinkman is rusting badly - and I am either going to modify a replacement with insulation etc this winter or in the long run, built something involving a small flat topped used woodstove as the firebox, and a scrap  oven as the smoker.  I go for small, since I am only cooking for 2 or sometimes 4.  Big rigs are cool, but of limited use. 

    Recipewise, I believe in brining,  I used house brand mustard as a base for rubs,  I do ribs, salmon, and a decent small brisket.  I often smoke "country ribs" as a meat for chili.

    Oh - I also make can homemade chili or salsa every October.
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    Ugly drum smoker? Or you could build a Weber mini. Both fairly cheap and easy to do and a thousand times better than what you have now. Hope this helps. I started with what you have there too. You can check out the forum catagories for both of those. People have posted step by step instructions and parts lists to make it easy for anyone even if you are not mechanically inclined. Other than that I would recommend a Weber smoky mountain. They make 3 sizes, but you are looking at some investment there. I am a charcoal guy so I slant that way.

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  3. Welcome to the forum from East Texas

    gary S

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