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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by puckett, Jul 17, 2014.

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    Hello my name is Logan. My wife and I recently bought a used ECB. We have smoked on it 3 times now. Our first attempt was a brisket which didn't go so well. The rub wasn't very good and the meat wasn't quite done. The second try we did a whole chicken which turned out awesome. But the third try was a 9 pound pork shoulder. I used a simple rub of dark brown sugar and smoked it with apple and hickory. It was some of the best pulled pork that I have ever had. Now I'm modifying my ECB. I have got a few parts but not all. Is there a must do mod besides the better temp gauge? Whats the best place to put the gauge?
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    Hey Logan, welcome to SMF!  I can't help you with the ECB mods but someone who can will be along shortly.  DIY BBQ is the best you can eat and even the flubs still taste better than most commercial places.  Trust me, based on what you wrote above, there's a perfect brisket in your near future. 

    Happy smoking and glad you're here.

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    Hey puckett, Welcome to SMF! We have an ECB Group. the link is in my sig line. or just click up top on groups and look for ECB Owners. There are quite a few discussions on ECB mods that may already answer your question or you can post a new thread about you and your ECB and I'm sure you will get a bit of feedback! There are a half dozen or so mods that you can do to the ECB to make it the second best under $100- vertical smoker (except the mini-wsm). 
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    Welcome to the forum from Lansing Logan.  And what a great forum it is to learn the art of smoking everything.

    We have a Michigan group here.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/groups/show/27/michigan-members-group          

    If you get a chance check it out and please join if you have not done so yet.

    It’s always nice to see another Michigander here.  

  5. Hello Logan, welcome to the forum, I still have an ECB I use on occasion here is a picture


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