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  1.              Hope this is in the right forum.Put the frame together tonight.Its 30"deepx32"widex48"tall.I'm going to use 3/4 plywood. Can't

    decide on heat source,would like to use a hot plate(110volt)e,but don't know if it will work.Is this to small for a propane burner? I only plan on smoking sausage,links and rings,summer sausage. Appreciate any advice!


  2. Nice start. More information is needed. Where are you in the world is the biggest question. If you would add your location to your profile it would help others answer questions like this.

    Happy smoken.

  3. I live in CentralTexas, near Waco. Sure could use some help.
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    Ernie, morning..... I'd use an electric heating element.... cheap, easy, fast and safe.... I would take it out of the hot plate housing and mount on a fire proof bracket.... the reason for that is, the housings have a protective over temp cut off.... Then I would hook the element to a 1500 watt dimmer switch, to control the heat output of the element... I have a similar setup in my smoker.... I can adjust the temperature in the smoker by using the heat output.....
    BTW there are bare elements out there for this type of project.....

    ...click on this to open it.....
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  5. Dave has you covered.I look forward to seeing some smoke soon.

    Happy smoken.

  6.            Thanks Dave,

     Just the info I was looking for!

  7. daveomak

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    You are welcome.....
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    Could he/I use a gas burner instead? I am planning on making something similar but the price of electric here is expensive, so gas or charcoal are my only options.
  9. Almost ready to fire her up! Maybe this weekend!

  10. Got a Brinkman heating element for the heat source,just a little more work on her,hopefully i can finish this weekend.
    Thanks Ernie
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