Having trouble keeping my 6x8 AMNPS "Lit" while in my 40 Elite MES..

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  1. Hello, 

    I am a bonfide newbie at this here smoking game but I definelty have got the bug for it. My family bought me a 40in Elite MES for xmas and I have had alot of fun trying it out. I recently bought a 6x8 AMNPS for what i hoped would be a "Set it and Forget it" for overnight smoking adventures..Unfortunately the 3 times i have tried the AMNPS it went out after about 15 minutes.. I followed the instructions on the AMNPS box ( I even bought a small blowtorch! lol) and I place the tray under the water pan but it keeps going out..any suggestions on tray placement would be much appreciated..

    I hope to try the mailbox mod this weekend!

    Thank You


    North Texas
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    I was having a bit of trouble with my AMAZE-N pellet smoker, sounds similar to your situation.  I did a couple things, first I microwaved the pellets for 30 seconds at a time to remove moisture (about 1 min 30 sec total)  Keep your eye on them, I've heard they can catch fire.  Second, I started lighting the end with Mapp gas torch, letting it burn on my open charcoal while quickly torching the remaining pellets, just to brown them a little.  Those both helped keep mine lit, but the third thing I did was build a mailbox mod, that works great.
  3. Thanks for the help..I have been reading alot on the mailbox mods and this weekend i shall be joining that club..Any other tips you have for using the AMNPS or general smoker tips would be appreciated..


  4. I was wondering if there is an Amazen maze to replace the standard chip tray such that the chip loader can still be utilized???


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